2006 yamaha nytro chaincase oil change

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2006 yamaha nytro chaincase oil change

Dec 7, 0 16 38 Froid,Montana. Rixster Well-known member Premium Member. Oct 20, 3, 43 Springville, UT. You really should change that at least once a year if not more. Go ahead and drain and refill with something new. Dec 7, 17 18 Alberta.

Yamaha Nytro Oil Change 08-12

Change that Oil. I do mine after every weekend of riding.

2006 yamaha nytro chaincase oil change

Nov 30, 13 18 Vw golf spanner symbol, North Dakota. Tip sled over and pull the chaincase off then siphone old oil with a syringe and wipe bottom inside whatever left that syringe can't siphone off then put case back on.

No mess to clean up on bellypan that way Fill with chaincase oil up to level. It also can be used in diamond drive on newer cat sleds. BBrocker Free Member.COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search.

What Tires Should You Use? American Snowmobiler Gear. American Snowmobiler Back Issues. American Snowmobiler Calendar. Login or Register Customer Service. By Mark Boncher September 18, An oil change is one of the few maintenance jobs that need to be done on a 4-stroke engine, but it's vitally important. Last winter when it was time to have the first oil change done on our two Nytro demo sleds we took them down to Yamaha's snow division headquarters in Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

We were led through the easy job by one of Yamaha's top all-star mechanics Nick Leikness who gave us the right tips on the procedure from top to bottom.

It's important to note that the first oil change and filter replacement on the Nytro based sleds should be done at the mile mark and then the oil changed every 2, miles thereafter. The second filter change is only needed at 12, miles after the initial break-in.

2006 yamaha nytro chaincase oil change

Yes, you heard correctly 12K! No wonder so many people have been drawn to the 4-stroke side of the playground. The job Obviously Yamaha recommends you take your sled to the dealer for this work, but if you like to do it yourself, you certainly can.

Here's a brief rundown of the steps you should take, and what you should and shouldn't do in order to finish the Nytro oil and filter change correctly.

STEP 1: Start the motor and run the sled for minutes. STEP 2: Remove the left and right side panels and lower panels. Also remove the skid plate. There will be push pins and a total of four 10mm bolts. STEP 3: Remove the drain bolt on the oil tank on the right side of the sled. This is a 12mm bolt. STEP 4: While the oil is draining from the tank, remove the oil filter and the drain plug on the bottom of the motor.

This will require a 5mm Allen wrench. STEP 5: Also, while all the oil is draining, inspect areas that are usually covered by the panels. Since the panels are off it is easier to change out fluids like the chaincase and inspect or tighten the chain as well. STEP 6: Once all oil is drained, install the 5mm Allen drain bolt in the motor and install the new filter part no.Log in or Sign up. We are no longer supporting TapaTalk as a mobile app for our sites.

The TapaTalk App has many issues with speed on our server as well as security holes that leave us vulnerable to attacks and spammers. Hi what type and how much oil goes in a RS Venture chaincase? My dealer tells me to use Amzoil syn and fill abouve the full mark on the dip stick. This is what I did last year but I used to get a gear lube smell on long runs.

I checked no leaks. Is there a problem with low lube in the chaincases? Thanks again! GlennOct 17, Messages: 1, Location: Southern WI. You need gear oil for the shockload protection. I don't recall the specific amount, but it's under a quart. DO NOT overfill!! Your "dealer" is an idiot. And yes, low is as bad as overfull. You only need 8. Messages: 3, Location: ONT. IrvOct 17, APEX 06Oct 17, I have a vector.

Where do you drain the oil from? I really need to do this because I didn't change it in my Rage and it ended up costing me a drive chain and gears.

DaraOct 18, Theres a 14mm bolt on the inside off the tunnle behine the chain case.Yes, even on Yamahas. Own a Yamaha? Maybe looking to buy a used Yamaha? While nowhere near the replacement rate of a 2-stroke, even Yamaha 4-strokes need to have the plugs replace periodically. Checking them can also reveal other problems, like an overly-rich fuel condition which is a red flag for something wrong in the EFI system. Check the coolant hoses for worn spots or leaks and also check the coolant level.

The primary clutch on a modern Yamaha is no different than any other primary — it has bushings, weights and springs and they all wear out. Also, inspect the sheaves for cracks. Like the Primary, the secondary is nothing special on a Yamaha. Eyeball the brake pads to see how much lining is left on them.

These pads look good. Rule of thumb is to snug it down and back off just a hair. Check for free play in the linkage and inspect the bushing for the steering shaft. Follow the steering to the spindles and check the tie rod ends.

How to Change the Chain Case Oil on Your Snowmobile

Again, they should look good and there should be no excess play in them. Next, raise the sled so the front end hangs. Everything should be tight. Move back to the skid and check the drivers inside the tunnel. If the sled was run with the track out of adjustment it may have ratcheted and caused damage to the drivers. Check the suspension arms for damage.

If you see any flaked paint anywhere it could be a sign that something is bent. You should hit the grease zerks in the skid with a grease gun at least once a season, preferably more often than that. Same goes for the front suspension. If the skid bottoms it will bottom on these and it will leave marks. It could also mean the suspension is too soft for the rider. Yamaha has come a long way with its skid mount bolts and they rarely come loose these days, but they still do.

If the skid has come loose at some point it should show it in the mounts with ovaled-out bolt holes. Same deal with any of the suspension arm bolts. Be sure to check all these little buggers. Typical of their cover-every-base approach to machine maintenance, Yamaha has done a lot of the work for us when it comes to knowing what to eyeball when it comes to maintenance.

A quick check of the owners manual will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.Please allow us to set Cookies. There are some features on our websites that may not work without Cookies.

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If you're a snowmobile rider, when winter rolls around, you should always perform some basic maintenance to get ready for the season.

One of the most important things to do is change your chain case oil. This is important for two reasons:. Next, remove the chain case cover to expose the gears, chain, and inside of the chain case. Once the cover is off you should inspect the gears and chain for any problems. Start at the top of the chain case and work your way to the bottom to ensure you get everything. Before you move on to the next step, make sure everything is dry.

Using threadlocker will also provide a seal to prevent oil leaks. Not too bad, right? If you ride a lot, you might consider doing it more often. A clean and well-lubed chain is a happy chain! Cookie Policy Please allow us to set Cookies. Read more. This is important for two reasons: Chain case oil breaks down with heating and cooling cycles Chain case oil can get contaminated by both water and metal slivers from the chain and sprockets Simply put, a clean and well-lubed chain means a well-performing sled!

Back to top.This works great. You do NOT need to remove the engine to change out a bad starter. To begin remove the hood, side covers, belly pan plate, the oil filter and drain the oil from the engine and the tank. Now remove the air box. From here you can remove both front motor mount bolts. You do not need to loosen the long rear motor mount bolt. I than raise the front of the sled enough to to get under it and remove the starter motor bolts a 12mm ratchet box wrench works great and the 10 mm nut on the battery cable.

Now pull the starter out of the engine and notice how close it is to coming out the bottom, set it in a spot as close to coming out as possible.

I find that there is enough flex in the exhaust flex pipes to allow the engine to move back the small amount you need. You do not need to drain the coolant or remove any more parts to do this.

Put all the removed parts back on and enjoy all the time you saved from flat rate. This entry was posted on April 8,am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

Max Sled's Yamaha Maintenance For Dummies

Reply Quote. Hi Ray! Great tip, i am about to change my starter motor. I dont quite understand how to move the engine backwards?? Once you pull the steering shaft and air box you can remove the 2 front motor mount bolts, They are very tight and watch how the washers go back on. HINT—Take pictures. Working under the sled remove the plastic cover and you can see the oil filter,You must remove it. Now you can see the starter motor—Important—before removing the red cable from the starter motor, take the black negative cable off the battery.

How To Change the Oil in a Snowmobile

If you look at each side of the sled through the frame you can see the engine, you want to put a 3 foot or longer pry bar through this hole in the frame and against the Back of the engine. Find a reinforced spot on the engine to put the tip of each pry bar on,look around and you will see what I mean.

Where a side cover and the case come together are fine. As you move the engine forward you will hear the starter fall out—YHAAAA NOTE—If the engine is very hard to move forward and you are worried about damaging it you can loosen the front motor mount bolt.

To do this you must remove the parking brake assy the main brake and the disk, just loosen the nut. If you take the old one apart it died because it ran out of brush material, or I have seen some seize up the front bearing.So the college man is home for the holiday, wants to use the snowmachine with his friends for a hut trip. Time to pay some sled dues!

2006 yamaha nytro chaincase oil change

Sadly, no quicklube exists for snowmobiles, and an oil change at our Yamaha stealership is, well, not exactly a steal for the person writing the check. It looks high tech and it it is. Block out a half a day for an oil change.

We think the Nytro looks kind of space-age cool without the cowling. Problem is, that space-age cool means doing an oil change is a three hour project that involves everything from complete removal of body panels, to reaching and turning things that are obviously designed for gnomes, not humans.

First, removing all the body panels involves those little plastic rivets that you often see on automobiles. During removal you always break at least one, so add a trip to the auto parts store to your time budget. Next, remember to remove a total of three threaded plugs vent at top of engine, crank case drain, and oil reservoir drainand drain oil into your disposal system.

Perhaps he should switch from his Industrial Design program to being a brain surgeon? Changing snowmobile oil, Nytro, in the Wildsnow garage workshop. We changed our hi-fax as well, and that was also a chore though it probably was worth doing ourselves to save the money. No harm, no foul. A weed-wacker along side your many boots? You trim your own lawn? Works pretty well. Thinking of using it to test durability of pant cuff ski protectors.

It has character but is expensive to heat and I always wonder if the mildew spoors are giving me hallucinations. Nonetheless, a video tour would be pretty amusing. Ahhhhhh I just changed the oil in my nytro, took me about 4 hours. Pain in the ass! Winter Survival Lessons for Ski Mountaineering.

Yamaha Nytro oil change

Caleb Wray December 15, - am I think I will take mine to the shop. Good to see Louie is back. Cory December 15, - am just curious as to which huts a snowmobile friendly. Ryan November 21, - pm Ahhhhhh I just changed the oil in my nytro, took me about 4 hours.

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