Barrel tuners for sale

Barrel tuners are becoming increasingly more popular within the shooting fraternity. Most modern target rifles standard bolt knob can be removed. If you can remove the bolt knob on your current rifle, you are able to replace that standard boring black bolt knob with a colourful Lowey Products bolt knob.

The bolt protector has been designed to house the bolt and automatically release the pressure from the spring when inserted. It is a must have for every shooter, as many laws now require the bolt to be transported and stored separate from the rifle. Our cleaning rod guides are designed to assist the cleaning rod slide centrally and smoothly into the breech of your rifle, protecting the breech from any damage. Our guides have a lock-in mechanism, preventing movement whilst cleaning your barrel.

They are of moulded plastic to the shape of your action. If your rifle is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out if it has been recently added to our list, as we are continuing work on expanding our range.

The single shot adapter is designed to fit neatly into the space of the magazine. This allows the rifle to be loaded one shot at a time. The design of this kit will provide lighter trigger operation and will also eliminate most trigger creep.Our new barrel tuners… PDT stands for particle dampening technology. The advantages are a wider tune window and less ammo sensitivity due to more efficient control of barrel harmonics…in a tuner design that looks great.

This is the next step in the evolution of tuner design and is significantly better than tuning with solid mass alone, as is the case with most other tuner designs currently available. PDT tuners work equally well on both centerfire and rimfire rifles, and can use your PRX length in most cases!

The centerfire tuners are designed to thread onto the barrel. Call us today to find out more about what is the best tuner on the market. PDT tuners come with both installation instructions, as well as simple instructions on how to tune your rifle quickly and easily with it. Now available to fit factory Anschutz heavy barrels, too!! Our tuners have become wildly popular in the benchrest community. I feel that a tuner will very soon be just as much a part of a new build as is a barrel, stock and trigger.

In a relatively short period, there have been numerous national championships won and multiple world records set, in both long and short range, using this tuner. It has become the tuner by which all standards are set.

barrel tuners for sale

Pictured below is a rimfire version. Centerfire tuners are threaded. Ezell Custom Rifles. Below, a few of the centerfire tuners, finished and ready to ship. This is the one that just keeps setting records and winning!!! Beautiful color even if it is orange!

The tuner is one of the first prototypes of the current design. Bolt is on the wrong side, though!Precision Shooting Products. You cannot view this website correctly unless your browser supports Javascript. All rights reserved ABN: 79 Weight is grams. These tuners require the barrel to be threaded 0. These barrel tuners work on adjusting the length to find a spot delivering tighter shot dispersion. They also work on the harmonic dampening principle.

In a similar way to an engine's harmonic balancer. Engraved index marks at the rear face of the tuner makes it easier to track position changes when first setting up.

barrel tuners for sale

Dual clamping screws for a positive degree clamp on the threads. Top quality product. Made in Australia. To fit these tuners requires the barrel to be threaded as per above sizes by a professional gunsmith or Tradesman machinist. Regardless of the fact that the twin clamping bolts will tighten around the barrel it is important that the thread fit is machined very well.

Not loose. Have the barrel threaded by a competent tradesman. A very good fitting thread is best. The tuner thread is 0. It may be best to discuss with your gunsmith about making the thread on the barrel slightly longer, up to 1. Then fit the tuner to the barrel clean threads and lightly lube first. Screw tuner all the way in, then back off one turn. Lock up both clamping bolts.

Test fire the same good load in ideal testing conditions and using good wind flags to read the conditions. Use a target with several aiming points and start with 3 shots groups on each setting.

Loosen clamping bolts and rotate outward one graduation as per the lines on the rear. Test fire three more shots.

Turn out another graduation etc until the tuner is now one turn further out. Observe the shape of the groups. Locate one setting that shows tighter and rounder groups and return to that position to retest and validate. Retest using 5 shot groups now. If necessary turn either way half of one graduation either side.

If necessary try positions further rearward from your original setting which was one turn out.Bullet Central was founded in by Christopher Harris. As a competitive Benchrest shooter and firearm enthusiast, Chris saw the need for a company that supplies the highest quality products, at the best prices and with the quickest availability. We have worked hard to build good relationships with top line suppliers in the industry. If you are in need of such products we will be able to get them into your hands faster that anyone else out there.

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barrel tuners for sale

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Following Clint's instructions closely has yielded the first barrel tuning device that allows a tuning procedure of both mathematical volume as well as allowing the addition of mass weight.

These two tuning methodologies can be used independently or in conjunction with each other, allowing more options finding accuracy solutions. Regardless of which method prescribed to, we believe the Pro-X Tuner to be the best barrel tuner available for rimfire shooters wishing to find that "last crumb on the table" for the ultimate in accuracy. Fit and finish not to be duplicated! Once the Pro-X Tuner is installed to the end of the barrel, the front housing can be linearly adjusted to find a "sweet spot" yielding optimal accuracy.

To facilitate this process, additional weight can be added or different length bushings can be added to the front of the tuner, both methods altering the barrel harmonics with final tweaks completed by adjusting the front housing. Just as a micrometer, the front housing is graduated.

The Pro-X Tuner unmodified and without attachments weighs in at 5.

Ezell Custom Rifles

The Brass Thread Adapter adds 3. Using the 9th harmonic with the Pro-X Tuner and a little math, an anticipated adjustment configuration and setting can be acquired quickly with surprisingly positive results.

The 9th harmonic dictates that the barrel length be measured first, from the bolt face to the edge of the crown, not the end of the barrel.

Once this value is known, simply find which combination of Tuner and Bushing see Tuner Configurations below puts your barrel in the middle of the available range. To find the final setting, use the provided starting barrel length tuner is at "0" settingand for every. To simplify, the amount of extra length your barrel is over the starting points provided below, this amount is divided by 8 to find the micrometer setting on the front housing.

Your barrel is 2. You divide 2. When enlarging this bore to fit the barrel to be used, it is important to maintain the bore depth 1. It is advised that machining to the tuner should be done by a qualified gunsmith currently doing work successfully for rimfire benchrest shooters.

Sales cstmtech.E - mik mikdolphin. Be the 1 st in the know Having established its position as the premier F Class rifle builder the company has expanded its product range to include tactical, hunting and AR rifle builds.

New F c lass stock. New T actical rifle stock. A full range of over Reamer Pilots are in stock to ensure concentric chambering NEW Workshop - Our Engineering staff have many years of CNC production experience and enjoy the challenges associated with the manufacture of precision firearms components We can supply and fit our own in house manufactured barrel tuner should this be required, made from Stainless Steel. This allows for fine tuning and adjustment of the barrel harmonics to suit the ammunition.

NEW Barrel Tuners. To fit the barrel tuner, your gunsmith will need to modify the front of the rifle barrel and add an M20 x 1. Screw barrel tuner body onto barrel until it stops at rear shoulder.

Secure in position with the three Allen screws. Loosen the three Allen screws and adjust the barrel tuner body by un-screwing it away from the shoulder. The markings on the external body can be used for reference. Set the desired position and re-tighten the three Allen screws. Test fire the rifle, verify and record the shot grouping. Repeat the process, as necessary, until you achieve a position with the tightest shot grouping.

M - New Mexico. Bank House. Scalp Road. M - E - mik mikdolphin. Company Reg No. All in-house gunsmith facilities at Dolphin Gun Company.

A hugh investment in CNC, lathes, reamers, milling and more As you will see from this website our facilities and skilled workforce at Dolphin Gun Company are probably the best in the UK for all aspects of rifle work.

Please note - Due to legal restrictions no firearms can be sold over the internet. No firearms or section-1 item sales can be made to anyone under the age of Please contact Dolphin Gun Company direct for firearms sales or other items that cannot be sold via the internet. Medal winning rifles. Dolphin F Class rifles win medals at the world championships and many other national competitions every month See fitting and adjustment below. Adjustment: Loosen the three Allen screws and adjust the barrel tuner body by un-screwing it away from the shoulder.

Rifle stocks. Guaranteed by. Trusted Worldwide. Mik comes from an engineering background and decided to take his passion to the next level by starting Dolphin Gun Company.I was trolling the internet to find out as much as I could on tuners when the following article arrived………….

Tuners work on rim fire rifles. Do they work on center fire rifles and if so are they repeatable and how much improvement do they provide? Accuracy is about managing the barrel vibrations.

Huntsman Tuners

Of course, this assumes that there is an accurate scope and it is properly mounted. It also assumes that the shooter mounts the rifle properly on the bench and does his job of reading the conditions and firing the rifle.

barrel tuners for sale

The greater the accuracy demanded, the more the skill required of the shooter. As you read the reviews in the gun magazines, the authors typically try several factory loads and shoot five-shot groups.

They then list the best, worst and average group-sizes for each load. They do this because EVERY individual rifle has an inherent dynamic response, primarily barrel vibrations, to the forces generated by given load. Since the resulting groups are a function of the shooter, environment wind, mirage… and the rifle dynamics, there is an unavoidable randomness to the group sizes. The challenge to load development in reloading is finding the loading combination of primer, powder, load, neck tension, seating depth and so forth, that has the best average group size AND smallest variation.

Most of us have a cut-out of a target with a great group in our billfold. In a similar manner, changing the rifle to improve its dynamics can improve the accuracy.

Free floating a barrel is one example that is widely used. Barrel tuners are another tool that have the potential to make a good rifle even better.

Harrell Rimfire Tuners

We will share our experience with developing and testing tuners. They show that tuners on several centerfire rifles can consistently and with repeatability improve accuracy. The Manatee Club has a yard range and holds monthly gong matches at both yards and yards. Gunsmith Eric Bostrom has been building very accurate custom Savage long-range rifles that have been dominating these long-range matches. The authors have been interested in rifle tuning since before Browning introduced their BOSS system in These interests resulted in the development and patent applications for the Rifle Accuracy System, which is our combination tuner and muzzle brake.

The pictures below show the final product. Initial applications of the Rifle Accuracy System showed significant improvements in accuracy but were not conducted in a structured fashion to allow consistent evaluation.

This test program described here is intended to provide the initial data to better understand the tuning system and its relationship to accuracy. Muzzle brakes were probably first used on military canons and can currently be seen on a wide variety of them. Magna-Port was one of the first to adapt muzzle brakes to handguns and rifles. There are currently muzzle brakes in a wide variety of designs available. Whilst a muzzle brake can significantly reduce recoil, it also significantly increases the noise to the shooter and those near him.

There is no free lunch; recoil energy is exchanged for pressure noise energy. Muzzle brakes play an important role in long-rang shooting. They aid the shooter in seeing the impacts of his shots though this is not true at longer ranges like yards. Tuners are a more recent innovation. Browning introduced one of the early commercial tuner systems with their BOSS system in Most competitive 22 RF shooters use tuners to match their ammunition to their rifles.

It is widely understood that one cannot be competitive in 22 RF matches without a tuner.

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