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Custom commands are a way to extend the functionality of CSMM and completely tailor your experience per server.

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The syntax for these is used inside custom commands, hooks and the gimme command. Some of these commands are part of CPM directly, but by restricting access to the command and then enabling it via CSMM instead, you can make the commands role-specific, place cooldowns on them, charge currency for their use, or any combination of the above.

This tutorial will teach you the basics of the system. After this guide, you will be able to get started writing your own commands. You can change the prefix in your ingame commands settings. To create a custom command, you must choose a name for your command. This is what players will type to trigger the command. Next, you need to enter the command s that will be executed on your server. This can be any console command that is available from remote sources. You can add dynamic values to your commands.

This is useful if you need to do something specific to the executing player like PMing the reply instead of a global message. Let's extend our hello world command. This might look familiar to people who know about template literals.

When a command is executed, CSMM will look for exact matches to the built-in variables capitalization matters! If found, it will replace the variable with the value relating to the executing player.

To execute several commands inside one custom command, you have to separate them with ";". That's it! You're done! You now have a grasp on the basics.

csmm bot

Check out some configuration examples if you need some inspiration. Argument name is what you will use to substitute the value in your command. If you deselect required, you must provide a default value. As you can see, when we pass a parameter "dave" to the command, it will say hello to Dave! When we do not add a parameter, it will use the default value. Will wait x seconds before continuing with command execution.

Warning: you should not use this for long delays. Whenever CSMM restarts, it will forget about commands that are still running. With this function, you can add or substract currency from a players balance. Sets a players role. The role parameter is the name of the blocked link opener, this has to be exactly the same. These were the first variables added to CSMM.

They are still in the application for backwards compatibility, but it is recommended to use the new syntax. NDT is a debuff applied to players when they die.You don't need to get a new VPS or figure out how to install a new mod on your server. Fill in your connection details and you're ready! CSMM costs you nothing! While donators have access to extended features, free users can expect a fully featured server manager. CSMM can keep track of where all your players have been.

csmm bot

All configuration is done via the website, no more messing with XMLs! Access the website anywhere, via PC, mobile, tablet or any other device.

Chat between Discord and your server via chatbridge. Execute commands on your server from Discord, let your players view their stats without logging in. See the documentation for a full list!

Player tracking CSMM can keep track of where all your players have been. Web interface All configuration is done via the website, no more messing with XMLs! Discord integration Chat between Discord and your server via chatbridge. Timed server messages, automatic world saving, Discord notifications - built-in for common use cases. Ability to detect specific strings for your custom purposes High ping kicker - Kick players with constant bad connection.

Country ban - automatically kick or ban players from certain countries from your server. Player tracking - Track location and inventory of online players and view them on a map of your server. Ingame commands - Playermade teleports, ingame support system, Custom commands to expose console commands to players in a controlled way Economy system - Let players earn money by playing, killing zombies, typing on your Discord server. They can spend their cash in your servers shop, teleports and more.

Discord integration - Chat bridge chat between Discord and the gamemultiple commands to view player info or view server status. Support ticket system - Let players create support requests ingame. Admins can view and comment on these via the website to provide quick support for players.

Ready to get started?CSMM has the ability to integrate itself with your Discord server, allowing you to send and receive chat messages to your servers, get statistical information most kills, playtime, etc. To do this, you need to enable the Discord bot on your Discord server. Already have the Discord Chat Bridge integrated and are looking for the next steps? Hop down to the Administrative Notifications section to get instructions for adding administrative-type alerts to Discord.

You must have administrative rights or control over user permissions for your Discord Server in order to execute the installation steps. Be careful who you give permission to for your linked channels. If you have multiple prefixes for example, if you have Botman and CPM at the same timeyou can enter multiple prefixes to block here, each separated by a comma.

Regular chat is relayed back to Discord in the form of standard chat events by Takaro, while specific events kill stream messages, server announcements, etc. The three examples in the below screenshot are all server announcements. Beyond the basic two-way Chat Bridge, CSMM can also be configured to send administrative notifications to a channel as well. These notices are oriented around CSMM status updates, help ticket requests, automated task alerts, ban list updates, etc.

A notification that updates you on the status of the chat bridge. This appears after the chat bridge is reconfigured. You will receive a notification when a new ticket or comment is made. A notification that shows when an automated job has been run. This could also be used to keep a periodic log of some command output, such as world saves or player announcements.

Takaro does more than just relay chat back and forth and provide notifications: you can give Takaro instructions for to execute on the server, and also send commands to have the bot bring back data for you to use.

These commands have the same privilege level as if they were run via RCON, so care must be taken granting people access to this ability. If you have more than one server configured to your Discord server either for Chat Bridge or Admin functionalityyou will need to specify which server the commands are sent to when executing, unless you want the command to go to the first server in the list. To determine the order of the servers in your link, type the command 'listservers', with the Discord Command Prefix set up above in front of it.

As shown in the screenshot, the PvP server is the first server, and Homicidal PVP is the second, so all commands will go to the PvP server unless otherwise specified. Discord integration CSMM has the ability to integrate itself with your Discord server, allowing you to send and receive chat messages to your servers, get statistical information most kills, playtime, etc.In this guide, I will assume you are installing on Ubuntu Installation steps for other distros or Windows will be similar but keep that in mind.

Go to the Valve API key page opens new window and register a key. Go to the Discord developer page opens new window and create a new application.

You must also make this application a bot account. For more info, see this guide by Reactiflux opens new window or Google. Finally, you must also set a redirect URL for Oauth2 authentication. This is done in the "Oauth2" section of Discord. Make sure you use your own domain here. For official install instructions, you should consult the Node. As this is outside the scope of this guide, I will refer you to a Digital Ocean guide opens new window.

You should not run CSMM as root! Time to link everything together. CSMM uses a special. Do NOT add a trailing slash to this.

Redis configuration uses a similar system to the MySQL connection string. Time to get to the fun part, running CSMM! If you are running CSMM for the first time, with a fresh database, you should run the npm run db:migrate script once. Check the logs it creates to make sure there are no errors during start up. It is very important to run CSMM in production mode for security reasons, application stability and data persistence. Installation In this guide, I will assume you are installing on Ubuntu Discord bot account Go to the Discord developer page opens new window and create a new application.

Installing Node.Cron jobs allow you to configure commands to run at specific time intervals. You can set up a job to run every x minutes or hours. Advanced users can also use the cron syntax to define their jobs. Most servers have regularly-occurring announcements that go out to the in-game players. These announcements can be everything from a reminder of the rules, a suggestion to go vote for the server, a list of Admins who are available, etc.

These announcements are typically triggered by using the 'say' or 'say2' command. Some examples of these announcement types are shown in the screenshot below, and you can see that color formatting has been applied to make the announcement more visible within the in-game chat.

Announcements are very easy to create, but the scheduling part of the job is tricky. A lot of server admins schedule their announcements to go off every half hour, every hour, every three hours, etc. Consider the below:. Eventually, these timers will overlap. At the top of the hour, 1 and 3 go off at the same time. At the top of every even-numbered hour, all three will go off at the same time. This creates a huge chat spam, and in some cases, the first or even second message may instantly scroll off-screen.

Depending on your hosting method, your game server most likely has an automated world saving mechanism enabled. People who rent servers that have a game control panel, for example, usually have a setting that looks something like the below, which forces the game to save the settings every 15 minutes. Not all panels have this sort of setting, and in some cases the save interval may be long hourswhich means you will lose too much data if you have an unexpected crash.

Instead of using the panel hosting option for saves, you can create a scheduled cron command within CSMM to force a world save. With CPM installed, a special reboot capability becomes available: a command called shutdownbawhich allows you to trigger a reboot with a timer, and the server will provide automated warnings as that timer runs down. At the end of the timer, it will boot all the players, save the world, and then reboot the server.

Instead, if the timer would run down and execute during the blood moon event cycle, it will pause until several in-game hours after the event ends, and then start the timer. The shutdownba command also has an additional parameter called resetthat can be used to trigger a reset region wipe.

If you use reset regions only for problem areas and don't typically have very many defined, you can set the shutdownba command to use the reset parameter every time it triggers. Other servers will mark huge portions of the map as a reset region in order to regenerate the area occasionally once a week or soand in that case, you can run a separate scheduled command for the reset region reboot process. The screenshot below shows two separate reboot commands; the first is a normal reboot that runs every day of the week except Friday, and the second is the same command, but with the 'reset' parameter enabled, which only runs on Fridays.

On this specific server, several of the major cities on the map are permanently marked as a reset zone, and each Friday, the server reboots and resets those cities in order to restore all damaged and destroyed buildings and loot containers. You can look up your offset calculation opens new window in order to determine how to schedule your settings properly.

This problem can be solved by configuring your announcements for exact times using the cron time selection tool opens new window linked in the CSMM scheduled task creation page, and spacing them out evenly. In the screenshot above, the 'rules' announcement fires every half hour, but does so specifically at minute 10 and minute 40 of every hour.

Two minutes later, the minibike rule will go off as well. A few minutes later, the Discord alert goes off. Between these two groups of events, the vote reminder goes off. Specifying the exact time is only really useful if you have a lot of chat events that trigger regularly.

Server automated commands cron jobs Cron jobs allow you to configure commands to run at specific time intervals. Consider the below: 1 - Every 30 minutes, a reminder to vote goes off. Automated world saves Depending on your hosting method, your game server most likely has an automated world saving mechanism enabled. This world save will trigger every 20 minutes, forever.

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Poll Bot.Starting with CPM 5. The chat commands are available in two varieties: Admin commands, and Player commands. By default, all Admin commands require Level 0 access in order to execute them.

You can use the 'changechatpermissions' ccp command to adjust the access level required for each command. This allows you to grant Players access to an Admin command, and allows you to prevent Players from using a command they normally have access to. Waypoints are admin-set teleport markers. As an Admin, you can place one at any time, and it will remember your exact coordinates. Waypoints act as target destinations for several other commands, such as the Move and FlyTo commands.

Teleporting comes in three flavors: Move, which moves a player from one location to another, FlyTo, which allows you to teleport yourself around the map, and Grab, which brings a player to you, but lets you send them back where they came from afterward. Both the Move and FlyTo options can be used to move yourself, but using Move to teleport yourself requires you to specify yourself each time, whereas FlyTo is focused on you every time.

Teleports the specified player to you. As of CPM Version 5. If you teleport to an Offline player, it will place you at their last known location. If you Move an offline player, the moment they log on, it will teleport them to the Move destination automatically. Admins have the ability to place a protective bubble around a player. This bubble will automatically kill all hostile creatures but not players!

This command can be used to protect yourself from zombies while you are out-of-window doing Admin things, or even used to place a shield around a new player who is being overwhelmed by zombies during a horde night. This chat command triggers the console command protectplayer.

Toggles the protective bubble around the specified player. Repeat the command to reverse the status. These commands are available to both Players and Admins, unless the Admin has altered the permission level using the ccp console command. This is intended to be a short-term solution to help determine who was in a specific area; if you need to perform a detailed track of a player, you should use CSMM's Player Tracking feature.

Depending on your server configuration, the command may not be loctrack. The chat command can be changed or even disabled using the following console commands:.

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Report players that were within the specified radius of your position in the designated amount of hours. Reports all living players within the radius defined by the loctrack neardistance console command. Gives you a report on how many hostile creatures there are within a small radius of your current position. This script explicitly mentions feral zombies, dogs, and vultures among others. Starting with CPM 8.

Players put items in a chest that they control, run a few chat commands to mark items for trade and review the proposed trade, and then the items switch places. By default, this trading system is disabled, and requires an admin to enable it.

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