Erin napier baby

Erin took to Instagram on Thursday to share the happy news, alongside sweet photos of her newborn daughter in the hospital. Of course, falling in love helps with that also," he wrote. Of course, falling in love helps with that also.

A post shared by Ben Napier Scotsman Co. Ben and Erin found out they were expecting on Mother's Dayand shared the news with the world in October. And while they couldn't be more excited to become parents, as they told ET in December, little Helen had a big impact on Home Town.

When speaking to ET last month, the couple still didn't have her nursery put together. The HGTV couple did, however, have a heartwarming "vibe" for the room, and one incredibly special piece of furniture.

I just want the nursery to feel like the rest of our house. It won't feel like a baby's room at all, because she'll only be a baby for a little while," she shared. It was really meaningful to me, and one day I want to do that with Helen," Erin sweetly explained. Season two of Home Town premieres Monday, Jan. Baby Helen is here! View this post on Instagram. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. If you are using ad-blocking software, please disable it and reload the page.

Embed Code Restart.We've got some ideas for stealing the nursey's look for our own library, office, or even bedroom. It's not every day that you walk into a nursery an adult would use for inspiration when designing his or her own bedroom.

Earlier this week, Erin Napier, mama to Helen, who was born in Januaryshared some photos of the inviting nursery to her fans on Instagram. Equal parts whimsical and chic, we especially love the handsome crib which was "built by her daddy's hands. Here are a few ideas from the Napier's nursery we're looking forward to incorporating in our own homes. Color energizes a room, but we often think the best place to add color is through furniture or by painting the walls. Here, the Napiers brighten a room with colorful floral curtains that really pop against the matte green walls.

The denim-blue armchair with matching ottoman works wonderfully in baby Helen's nursery, but would be an equally appealing reading nook in a grown-up's bedroom. Sure, you could hang inspiring quotes or cute animals, but we love that the Napier's forewent the de facto nursery trimmings in favor of a set of framed vintage botanical prints, featuring a lemon tree and various flowers, which Erin had started collecting prior to Helen's birth.

Besides the fact that Ben the Woodworking Papa made the beautiful piece himself, it's a good reminder that we need more of this eye-catching wood with a practically golden glow in our lives. We love a good decorative wall lamp, and the antique vibe of these fits right in with the couple's home. This elegant addition may very well inspire an upgrade in our personal study. By Perri Ormont Blumberg March 16, Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Close Share options. All rights reserved.

Close View image.The couple welcomed their first child in January of last year, less than a week before the second season premiered. Now, the lovely little girl is one year old—and she's set to make some brief appearances in the upcoming episodes.

Here's what you need to know about the littlest member of the Napier family. Throughout the past year, Erin and Ben have both shared many sweet snapshots showing their toddler smiling, snuggling with her daddy, and looking through books —including the one her parents' wroteentitled Make Something Good Today.

Helen's nursery reveal is featured today over on the HGTV website at the link in my profile. Our girl finally has a room of her own with a crib built by her daddy's hands. When your father is a famous woodworker, it's only fitting that you should get a gorgeous crib. Ben built Helen's beautiful bed using white oak that contained only one knot, which he plugged with a piece of heart pine salvaged during renovations on their house.

‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Gives Birth, Welcomes Daughter Helen With Husband Ben

This way, she will always have a piece of her first home. By the time the couple announced they were expectingErin was already almost seven months along. Two weeks old. Two weeks early. My girl. The couple had scheduled the delivery, as Erin revealed in another blog postwriting that it "made everything seem very real," but their baby girl couldn't wait.

She arrived the morning of Wednesday, January 3, less than three months after Erin's pregnancy announcement. A post shared by Ben Napier Scotsman Co. The name was no surprise: In the post about her pregnancy, Erin revealed that they'd be having a girl, and that the name comes from her own grandmother, to whom she was very close.

First ever attempt at a movie night date plus Helen. We brought noise canceling baby headphones that play lullabies. We brought Sophie the Giraffe. Chose a quiet movie. Got to our seats. Lesson learned. Though Helen has her mama's good looks those lips! Just look at that thick head of hair! Two years ago it was the framily 6 and a handful of part time hourly friends doing us a favor by helping us run the laurelmercantile cash registers and ship the packages.

Now we have the best team in the world. How lucky are we?

Ben's proposal

But she joins a strong, supportive group of friends and family in the show's charming filming location of Laurel, Mississippi. Erin has been open about her uncertainty surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, calling it her "greatest, and most hated fear. Oh brookedavisphoto. You know how to get all the good light. Thank you for such a sweet gift! Ben has taken quite well to being a dad, which should surprise no one considering how supportive he was during Erin's pregnancy, even talking to her bump under the covers every night.

Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.So when an online bully wrote hurtful words about their baby, HelenErin took matters into her own hands. A screenshot revealed the commenter's words though Erin blurred out the name : "Really not adorable," he or she wrote. Here it comes It's better to be kind. Hundreds of other followers gushed over the image, calling Helen "the cutest," and a few spoke up in defense of the family.

In the end, Erin came to this positive conclusion: "But seriously. Every baby in the world is unequivocally precious. A miracle and a gift. So it must have been a typo right? This isn't Erin's first time speaking out about social media.

erin napier baby

As she penned in a blog post last year, the host had to quit Facebook shortly after the season 1 premiere in order to avoid negative comments which were weighing her down. And at the beginning of this year, she made it her mission to call out online bullies.

Judging by her most recent posts, she meant it. Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection. View this post on Instagram. Erin Napier via Instagram Stories. Related Stories.

HGTV’s Erin and Ben Napier on Their Surprise Pregnancy and ‘Home Town’ Season 2

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.But don't expect to see too many scenes showing the stars' only child. While the now 1-year-old makes a few appearances in season 3, the protective parents explained to CountryLiving. Walking through town is one of our favorite things to do. The one hand Lift-to-Fold feature and the zip-off machine washable fabric mean no more stroller struggles! A post shared by Ben Napier Scotsman Co. Helen was born in Januaryjust before the second season premiered, and the couple started filming the current season when she was about five months old.

In the premiere, viewers saw Erin and Ben meeting the homeowners with a stroller in tow, but the camera never panned down to the infant inside. Later on in the episode, the couple took a break to FaceTime with their baby, who was at home with her nanny, but the blurry image is all fans could see.

That ringlet is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Once, for example, Helen's nanny had to go to a doctor's appointment, so Erin decorated that day with her baby on her hip.

Ben and Erin Napier's Nursery for Baby Helen Is Cozy Country Perfection

The designer has spoken out several times about her struggles with the spotlight. Not only has the couple navigated hate mail from criticsbut also cruel comments about their baby. It's not a big deal, but this is your friendly reminder that TV people are real people. It's better to be kind. Fans can follow along with the family on Instagram, where both Ben and Erin share sweet snapshots of their life with Helen in the idyllic town of Laurel, Mississippi. And of course, tune in to watch Home Town Mondays at 9 p.

Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection. View this post on Instagram. Shop Now. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.His wife is an American television personality.

Together, they are homemakers who renovate homes in Mississippi. The duo renovates and expresses their creative way to renovate the houses in a small town in Mississippi. With hard work and dedication, Ben and Erin have achieved the success they want in the field of homemakers.

Ben Napier with his wife, Erin Napier. During that time, Ben and Erin owned a stationery company. So, when Lindsey connected them about the ideas of shooting a series in Laurel, they thought that she was connecting to them to buy the stationery.

Besides working as a homemaker, the television personality Ben previously worked at laurel first United Methodist Church as a youth minister till Ben is the president of the group. They started their television career on 21 st March and has reached its fourth season starting on 13 th March The individual worth of the duo is not disclosed in the media. Ben and Erin are involved in charities, as well. We must say Ben and Erin have used their creative ideas at their best to renovate and main their house.

Erin Napier of HGTV's 'Home Town' Shut Down a Cruel Comment About Her Baby in the Best Way

Right after six days of introducing to each other, the pair had clues that they would end up getting married someday. After enjoying dating relationship for a long period, the Ben Napier married Erin Napier on 22 nd Novemberin an intimate wedding ceremony. As of now, it has been over a decade since the duo tied the knot and still manages to keep their love alive.

erin napier baby

During the eighth ceremony, Erin expresses her love to her partner, writing how endlessly grateful for their marriage that is easy for them. She wrote:. Being married to you feels as natural as breathing in and out, and to be loved and protected by you is the joy of my life. Ben is a romantic man that every girl would dream of. Do y0u know he makes a book every year highlighting everything that happened every month?

Ben has been keeping with the idea of books since ; the time he popped out the question to Erin. No matter how busy Ben is, he manages time to get the book, no matter what.

During the time, they even filmed season two. Erin Napier with her daughter Helen Napier.In a blog post fromErin tells a story of how Ben gifted the men in her family—her father, uncle and two brothers—with the most thoughtful presents for Christmas that year.

It all began one day while they were cleaning out Erin's late Pappaw's workshop. Among the debris, Ben found four of Pappaw's rusty old hammers, all with broken handles. Her dad was about to throw them away, but Ben said had other plans for the beat up tools. He asked if he could take them home.

erin napier baby

Over the next few months, Ben took his time restoring the old hammers. He did an electrolysis bath on the iron heads to remove all the rust, and then fashioning new hickory handles for each of them. He got his mother-in-law to find an old document with Erin's grandfather's signature on it, and had Erin scan and create a rubber stamp using his signature that reads "From the shop of James Rasberry.

Holding the hammer, it felt like he'd never left for just a moment. She continued: "My heart swelled with love for my husband who is so deeply thoughtful and intent on loving the people in his life so well. So extravagantly. He finished attaching the old, restored iron heads this afternoon and we wrapped them just before walking out the door to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.

The men in Erin's family were stunned by the gifts, two of them even found themselves at a loss for words, offering just a gruff thank you and a handshake while tears pooled in their eyes. Later, Erin's dad Phil summed up Ben's gesture in a Facebook post. Alongside a photo of the hammers he simply wrote: "I have a fine son-in law. Erin concluded the post with a message to her female fans, "I cannot stress it enough to you single girls who may be reading my blog: marry the man your father loves," she wrote.

Your dad knows. By Meghan Overdeep November 20, Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Instagram scotsman. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close View image.

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