Gy6 150cc upgrades

We've launched an improved GY6 Technical Center for ! We're in the process of bringing all of these old articles to the new system. Check it out for new content you won't find here! Transmission Upgrades The GY6 CVT transmission is composed of several key components: variator, roller weights, clutch, and the contra spring.

Roller weights provide the up shifting forces for the CVT transmission by flinging outwards within the variator in varying stages of engine RPM. Roller weight tuning is a matter of preference and riding terrain. A lighter weight will fling outward slower than a heavier weight, slowing the up shift process. The stock These are our notes regarding tuning and roller weights. However, this light weight will reduce top speed by mph, and also kills acceleration.

Best for hill climbing, mud, sand, water and other loose terrain. Spins most stock tires from a standstill with other supporting CVT mods. Good sustainable low-end power and optimal acceleration on hard-packed terrain. Does not reduce top-speed. Best for pavement racing.

Terrible low-end torque when compared to 9 and 10 gram weights. Otherwise they function the same as 10 gram weights. Best for loose terrain racing.

gy6 150cc upgrades

I recommend trying different roller weights to see what you like best. We carry 8 - 13 gram roller weights in the BD Online Store. CVT tuning is all about balancing the roller weights with a proper contra spring.

The RPM spring increases the tension on the belt and rollers. This delays the transmission from up shifting too soon and also reduces belt slippage. The RPM spring itself increases and smooths out acceleration, low-end grunt, and maximizes back shift. This is best visualized when thinking about coming in and out of a tight turn.

Slowing for the turn the RPMs drop, you then clear the turn and apply full throttle.

gy6 150cc upgrades

This is where back shift plays in -- you want the transmission to down shift to the proper lower gearing ratio as soon as possible through the turn so the CVT won't be stuck in an up shifted state when throttle is reapplied coming out of the turn.

This helps keep the small cc engine nearer to its power band during demanding situations where the power train is loaded to the point of clutch slippage.

These situations can be during steep hill climbing, towing, or when pushing the front end up over large obstacles. High engagement clutches provide better launch from a standstill as well. Stock is mm. The Teflon coated ramp plate the ensures smooth operation and increased roller weight life.

The mm and variators are designed with steeper roller ramp angles for an improved acceleration curve.This has a displacement of This engine is used on many scooters, dirt bikes, quads, ATVs, go karts, and buggies.

gy6 150cc upgrades

Click on the parts for additional pictures. This belt has Aramid cord Kevlar like material for strong, heat resistant, long lasting wear and reliability. They don't get any tougher! Note: Scooters with a long case usually have a 12" - 16" rear wheel. Save time and money, go for quality every time. This is a very High Quality Washable Dual Layer 42mm, 30 degree, small profile Performance Air Filter for high air flow that clamps on to your carburetor to ensure a tight clearance fit.

This has a quality Urethane Flange and clamp. This will fit just about any scooter, quad, moped, buggy, ATV, dirt bike, etc. This is a very High Quality Dual Layer 42mm, Red, Straight, small profile Performance Air Filter for high air flow that clamps on to your carburetor to ensure a tight clearance fit.

This is a very High Quality Dual Layer 42mm, Black, Straight, small profile Performance Air Filter for high air flow that clamps on to your carburetor to ensure a tight clearance fit.

This sport camshaft will improve your engine torque and performance in the upper mid-range and top-end of your engine. This is a carburetor main jet M5 x. These are pretty easy to replace and a must if you want to upgrade your engine's performance with performance parts or upgrades. Mechanics Note : If you increase the size of your stock carb jet you will want to improve your air flow both in and out of the engine.

For smaller upgrades replace the stock air filter with a Performance Air Filter for this engine. If you upgrade beyond small adjustments you will want to install a Performance Exhaust to handle the increased combustion and minimize back flow issues.

Altitude can play an issue in scooter performance. When you are dealing with elevation you will want to rejet to prevent your engine from siezing and requiring a rebuild. When the air is colder it requires bigger jets because cold air is more dense. If it is 50 degrees colder you would increase your jet size at least one step up.

If you don't your engine can sieze on you. This jet requires at least a Performance Air Filter. You will want to go down one 1 jet size for every ' to ' you go up in elevation. First, be sure your battery is fully charged and your fuse is good. Using this CDI pin configuration: [ 1 2 ][ 5 ] [ 3 4 ][ 6 ] with a voltage tester and leaving everything hooked up normal, go in through the top, through the wires until you have contact, check the 6 pin to see if it has 12v present?

If not voltage then it is an AC system.GY6 cc Engine Parts. Parts for cc Go Karts. Most carburetors being offered are EPA carburetors that are not adjustable. This carburetor is adjustable with an exposed mixture screw to lean or rich the fuel mixture. This replacement Carburetor is not adjusted for your engine.

If so, you will need to remove the auto choke. Adjustable for easier access to the jets. Electric Auto Bystarter Choke. Complete Kit to Rebuild a cc Top End. Includes cc cylinder head, cylinder, piston, piston rings, piston pin and gaskets.

Replaces Hammerhead Part 6. Genuine American Sportworks Old TJ Power Sports 6. Comes with keys. Charges battery.

157QMJ QMJ157 GY6 150cc Engine Parts

Plugs into wiring harness and electric choke. This is the stock regulator used on all Hammerhead cc models and most American Sportworks cc karts. Depending on what cc model you have you might need to mount the regulator on the outside of the electric box.

Used on all Hammerhead and models, except GT Hammerhead Part 6. These are not interchangable. GY6 Carburetor Gasket. Fuel Valve Petcock for cc. Air Filter Assy for cc American Sportworks. CDI for cc American Sportworks. Fits, Series LUV's. CDI for cc Engines.

Fits Carter and early cc Hammerhead. Rectifier Voltage Regulator Assembly. Voltage Regulator for cc Hammerhead Go Karts. Starter Relay Solenoid For cc and cc.This is a fully adjustable carburetor not an EPA carburetor like most others are offering. Parts fit great and perform better than expected. Also shipping was fast and notifications were spot on! Super upgrade to my carbide cart great service and delivery. Purchased the upgraded carb for cc buggy. Worked perfect, buggy fired up instantly and runs great.

I love how this carb is serviceable unlike the stock ones that come on stuff nowadays. Fast shipping. Kart that sat for over a year now up and running great! Easy to install. No adjustment needed. Trailmaster Challenger fired right up and runs at least 5 mph faster than before. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Login or Sign Up 0. Accessories Brakes Cables Steering. Australia Canada US Dollar. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article.

Product Description Carburetor fuel kit for cc engines. Comes with Carburetor with electric choke, fuel filter, air filter, fuel petcock, intake manifold and spark plug. NOTE: This carburetor comes with larger jets than the original. The larger jets allows more fuel, really brings the carburetor to life.

Karts made pre need these jets to run, and the post karts run even better.

Go Cart Kart 150cc - 200cc

Our in house technicians inspect and install these jets. We highly recommend this upgrade. Works with all GY6, cc engines. If your kart has been sitting all winter with fuel in it, this is your replacement kit.

The carb is hard to clean out once the fuel turns to varnish, the vacuum petcock has a rubber diaphragm that will not function if it dries out. The intake manifold after time will develop cracks and will suck air into the carburetor and rob power.

The air filter is usually overlooked, it is very important to use a good clean air filter. A dirty air filter will cause the kart to bog down and allows dirt into the carburetor.

Comes with chok Custom Field. Super upgrade to my carbide cart great service and delivery Purchased the upgraded carb for cc buggy. Ran like new if not better! You May Also Like Quick view.This page will look at ways to modify and increase the performance of gas scooter engines, which are now being used in go-karts.

There are different specific engine designs used on these go karts and scooters, but the principles on this page will also apply to many different engines. A lot of scooters and go karts are powered by a cc engine based on the Honda GY6 scooter engine design. The GY6 engine with CVT continuously variable transmission has decent performance for it's small cc engine displacement. It is surprising how well of a job a small cc engine can do at moving an adult around on a scooter or even a heavy go kart.

Of course, more power would always be nice, but considering the small displacement of this GY6 based cc engine, it really is impressive. Even so, mod kits for gas scooters and go karts are available, and other modifications can be made to increase performance further. The GY6 based engine found in these scooters and go karts is like most any other internal combustion engine - in that it can benefit from some well directed modifications.

This is true of just about any mass produced engine which have compromises that are driven because of manufacturing restraints like time and cost. These compromises usually limit efficiency and performance potential of an engine. Increasing air flow through an engine is the goal.

More air flow along with the appropriate amount of fuel will result in more power producing potential. With that idea in mind, let's look at some ways that the performance of scooter engines can be increased. This can be a big one! Recalibrating your CVT modification will not increase the actual power output, but it has a high performance-to-cost ratio. Most mod kits for gas scooters will also come with new parts for the CVT.

A properly calibrated CVT can significantly increase the overall performance. The front driver pulley variator can be recalibrated with different roller weights to vary to overall RPM of the engine under driving conditions. Lighter roller weights will increase overall engine RPM. Heavier roller weights decrease engine RPM. Roller weights can be found for the cc GY6 in the range of probably 8 - 15 grams or so.

Somewhere around grams would probably be a good starter experiment for heavier go karts.

150cc GY6 Scooter Parts

Lighter scooters may want to have a little heavier roller weights. Weigh your stock weights using a precision scale and select new rollers weights either lighter or heavier - depending how you want to change your engine RPM range. In addition to the front driver pulley, the rear driver pulley can also be recalibrated with different clutch shoe springs to vary clutch engagement RPM, and also the main driven compression spring can be changed to a stiffer spring which also effectively boosts engine RPM under driving conditions.

There is a lot to be said about CVT tuning, but to simplify many people can probably benefit from slightly lighter roller weights in the front driver pulley and also a stiffer torque compression spring in the rear driven pulley. These changes will effectively slow down the upshift of the CVT and allow the engine to rev up higher and have better torque under driving conditions. Don't go too far though. Too high an RPM and you might be way out of your powerband.

Also, too high of an RPM can be annoying while cruising with low engine loads. It can feel like driving your 5-speed car in 3rd gear on the freeway. The buzzing of the RPM at all times can be annoying to some people. Kevlar Belt - Depending on whether your cc GY6 engine is a short or long case, you will need to upgrade your belt to a Kevlar belt to accomodate the extra torque from the rollers weights and torque spring.

Scooter CVT transmission explained

Click here for belt size specifications. Racing Performance Variator Kit - We recommend the mm diameter inner variator, spacer, and ramp cover either from Dr. Pulley or MRP. Extra diameter and aggressive ramp design for top performance. Click here for racing performance variator kits.Scootertronics experience in repairs and upgrades for all types of scooters from Vespa Piaggio Yamaha Honda Linhai GY6 and CN scooter and go cart engines plus ATVs gives Scootertronics the knowledge and expertise to get you the correct information to make an informed purchase.

GY6 50 Carb Upgrade. Naraku Performance Carb. GY6 50 Racing Air Filter. Uni-Filter Dual for GY6 Mikuni High Flow Fuel Pump. GY6 50 39mm Air Filter. Dr Pulley Variator GY6 Polini Variator Kymco 4T. GY6 50 Kevlar Belt. GY6 50 Racing Clutch. GY6 50 Golden Variator.

GY6 50 Performance Clutch Bell. GY6 50 High Performance 50mm Head. GY6 50 Performance Exhaust. GY6 50 Titanuim Performance Exhaust. GY 6 50 Magneto Puller. Shinko Scooter Tire 3. Scooter Grips from NCY. GY6 50 Racing Clutch Bell. GY6 50 Performance Trans. GY6 50 Chrome Case Cover.

Torsion Control Malossi. GY6 50 Performance Gears. Choke Conversion CVK. Piston QMB 52mm. GY6 50 52mm BBK. GY6 50 Performance Air Filter.

Gy6 50 Tecnigas Silent Pro. Leo Vince GY6 50 Exhaust. Arisal High Compression 50mm 4T Piston. Yamaha Zuma 70cc Street Kit.Thank you for everything - it was well organised.

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gy6 150cc upgrades

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