Ipad midi dmx

Let's start with some moving head madness. Oliver Kulpsoo programmed this whole show with Lightjams only, including controlling about 40 Clay Paky moving heads live with a wiimote.

The result is stunning and pretty unique.

ipad midi dmx

You can watch a longer video here. In this video, Paul Richer is using the Music2Light feature of Lightjams to generate all kind of effects based on the music playing in real-time. MIDI controllers are also used to trigger and control effects.

Lighting design by Daniel Parks. The lighting software used to control the LED wall is Lightjams. Lightjams is being remotely controlled by TouchDesigner in real-time.

Over 24 universes of pixel mapping and a few more universes for moving heads, strobes, lasers Everything controlled LIVE via multiple midi controllers! MIDI has been used to keep everything in sync. Lemur is used to trigger scenes and modify lighting parameters in real-time and it communicates with Lightjams via the OSC protocol.

The show is controlled wirelessly via an iPad, allowing Manuel to move around in the club during the night. You can see the computer running Lightjams yay! The following video is quite entertaining! Everything is controlled via Lightjams. The Lightjams' real-time audio analysis capability has been used to recreate the original artistic vision of this mythic installation. LightRiders programmed and operated Lightjams during the events.

The great Quixotic Fusion are doing their tour with Lightjams! Here's a video showing them using the music2lights feature to generate an interactive visual.

The led wall is composed of about RGB leds, all controlled by Lightjams. Quixotic also uses the OSC input features of Lightjams to remotely trigger effects.

TUIO: Enable Multi-Touch Interfaces to Control your Lighting

Lightjams is driving everything based on the music. He has created multiple effects in Lightjams which are triggered in real-time, remotely from his iPad. A wall full of parcans with a smooth effect running on it and live control via a Behringer BCF A keytar and pre-recorded MIDI tracks are used to control the intensity of incandescent lamps.

Lights are following a keyboard player. This is a one-to-one mapping between MIDI notes and lights. Experimentation with a Kinect to control the pan of a moving light.

A wiimote is used to change the tilt, color and intensity. What's next? Try Lightjams for free! Proudly made in Montreal, Canada. Light jams. Vid eos. Tuto rial. Free trial.We think they can be utilized as design elements in things like film and TV production and architectural lighting, as well as by enthusiasts who'd like to mix and match different types of lights.

Luminair 3 currently supports Philips Hue systems. Luminair has been tested and proven in the field, and is used daily by some of the world's most talented lighting professionals working in live-entertainment, film and TV production, and more. Strongly praised for it's ease of use, mobility and power, it's no wonder that Luminair won Live Design magazine's Lighting Control Product of the Year award.

Wireless connectivity allows you to be unchained from your gear. Luminair works with all sACN E1. Luminair works with all Art-Net compliant hardware and software. Play back the sequence either from a button alongside other scenes, or within Sequnces mode. Luminair projects and other related files can be synced between multiple iOS devices connected to the same iCloud account. The same bit app on any iOS 8 capable device. Easily create looks and switch between them at the tap of a button.

Multi-touch faders, two finger swipes to switch scenes, tap and hold to bump, and more gestures are used to improve user experience. We've all been in a situation where someone else needs to control the lights. Use the new Oscillator to automatically generate powerful FX.

Tap to the beat with Luminair's tempo playback control. Great for when you want a steady rythym triggering scene changes and fades. Lockdown mode allows you to lock user-specfied sections of the app from unauthorized access, while allowing access to other parts.

Great for permanant installations. Create new movements from templates like circle and figure 8, or draw your own path.

Fine-tune using pinch and rotate gestures. Professional-grade tools must be designed to be ergonomic for extended use, and Luminair is up for the task. Tap an item on the lef to reveal more details.

The add menu is where you can add new DMX fixtures or faders, Smart lights, as well as scenes to your project. Choose between output styles. Controls mode allows you to manipulate light values, apply FX to DMX parameters and build and edit scenes. Any changes made to the parameters in the faders view are automatically recorded into the active scene. The actions menu displays a list of options for working with parameters in the current active scene. MIDI Learn mode can also be enabled in the action menu.

The master output control reveals a master fader for controlling the master percenatage for all lights and parameters in the current project. Tap an item on the left to reveal more details.

The master output control reveals a master fader for controlling the master percentage for all lights and parameters in the current project. Make Luminair the centerpiece of an architectural lighting system. New scheduling features included in Luminair 3 allow you to schedule any scene or sequence to be triggered at a specific date and time. A simple user interface for adding and editing schedules makes it a breeze to set up daily triggers.

Enabling Lockdown mode with Touch ID will prevent access from unauthorized users in premanent installations. Trigger a specific Luminair scene or sequence when entering or leaving a region based upon GPS hardware location.

Opens up a wide range of external control capabilities to other apps installed on the local iOS device. Configure up to 20 individual iBeacons to trigger independent Luminair scenes or sequences. Use key commands on an external bluetooth keyboard to trigger actions like scene switching, sequence playback and more.Take your light show to a whole new level with the brand new DMX lighting software package from Daslight.

Mac version Windows version. Daslight 4 can be used with any DMX compatible lighting fixture. Choose from our library of over 15, fixture personalities SSL2 filesor create your own using the Scan Library editor included. Adding a lighting fixture to your show is as simple as dragging from the library and dropping onto the patch grid. Map out lighting fixtures on the 2D view, either by dragging and dropping or using the shape generator to create lines, circles and matrices.

Create a different layout for each type of light, and then a master layout which can be shown by clicking the General tab. Lights can also be sorted into groups for quick selection. Build your show with ease using Daslight 4: create a scene, select some lighting fixtures, and set the levels with the faders.

Create a dynamic scene by adding steps. Jump between steps with wait times or change gradually with a fade time. Scenes can be arranged into color coded groups and stacked to quickly combine different effects. The Palettes provide quick control of your lights without the need to move faders. The palettes also allow you to control different types of lights at the same time, even if the channels are configured differently.

ipad midi dmx

Pixel effects are used to create chases, video effects for LED matrix mapping, position effects for moving heads and scanners, or curve effects for generating waves on channels. Daslight 4 takes advantage of every pixel on your screen.

We have packed in over scenes on a x screen without moving and scrolling windows.

Airstream DMX Pro App

The new live toolbox provides touch-screen friendly buttons for creating live edits, jumping between scenes, tapping a pulse and more.

Daslight 4 can be combined with a variety of inputs for the ultimate live experience.

ipad midi dmx

Get to your gig fully prepared by building your lighting show before arriving. Lay out your show with moving heads, scanners, LEDs, trussing and staging. Pre-render lighting effects, colors, dimmers and gobos with the all new real-time 3D visualization tool. The new Show mode allows you to build a completely customized screen.

Create sub-masters and group controls by assigning a range of different commands to the same control. In addition to controlling scenes, effects and levels, Show mode allows you to link a button to almost any live software command including tempo TAP, full screen and computer Shut Down. Simply connect to the same WiFi network as Daslight 4, download and open the app.Effects generator for movement, color and flash effects99 pages X 24 buttons for scene, effects and show memories.

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here. E-mail: service adjgroup. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Hello, we noticed you are visiting from Europe. If you wish, click here to go to your region's specific site. Product Categories. New Products. Requires iOS Where to Buy Enter your zip code below to find this product at a retailer near you! Product Description Details ADJ Airstream DMX Pro is a stage lighting control app designed to handle small to medium sized venues such as night clubs, houses of worship or mobile events.

App is based on the popular Airstream DMX app but with many additional features. Videos There are currently no videos available for this product. Frequently Asked Questions Please see our frequently asked questions below. Ask a question: Question Details Your Name. Your Email. Your Question. Submit Question. Related Products. Connect With Us. Join Now. Eastern Ave. All Rights Reserved.In the past 10 years, lighting consoles have changed and progressed A LOT!

With this change comes immense opportunity. Individual users are able to customize and hack together PC rigs like never before, and MIDI controllers are more compatible with lighting consoles than ever before. You can plug it straight into your console and then consult the manual of your console and MIDI controller to get things talking.

Your MIDI key is instantly mapped, right where you need it! You can, however, possibly network a computer to your lighting console and use 3rd-party software to MIDI-map your interface into your console. This brings a functionality similar to MIDI learn to your stand-alone lighting console. Last, but not least, we have the amazing BomeBox. Now the ball is back in your court. Probably the most popular way to map a MIDI controller is to gain extra playback faders and buttons.

But, LightKey can use Midi Controllers. Each console and set up is very different but I do approach it all the same when laying out the controls. Want to learn more about MIDI controllers? Check out my full article here! Please log in again.

The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Share Technical and Artistic. Related Posts. February 14, at am. June 26, at am.Multiple MIDI controllers can talk to Lightjams at the same time, including keyboards, launchpads, pedals and drums.

Using backing tracks or click tracks also work pretty well. Here's what a keyboard used for the lighting looks like - thanks to Bob Czubiak for the picture:. The great Yeasayer are using Lightjams in their tour!

Daslight 4

The dedicated MIDI tracks they made for the lighting ensures it's in sync with the music. As you'll see, he's fast. I mean really fast. Still, the lights are synced very precisely. MIDI has been used to keep everything in sync.

Everything is controlled via Lightjams. Want to play lights with your MIDI controllers? The performers play with the lighting as they play music. Lightjams becomes a lighting instrument expanding the possibilities of live performances, freeing artists from having to strictly follow pre-recorded cues.

As you'll see, there's no delay between the time a key is pressed and the lights are activated. Unleash the power of MIDI control and note messages and really control any Lightjams parameters in a few mouse clicks. If remote control is your goal, you'll be served!

The MIDI output configuration is very powerful and you can generate very sophisticated feedback. Drum pad launcher, mixer, keyboard, pedal, name it. Lightjams supports it. Create a real jam by letting multiple people play together! Lightjams automatically detects connected MIDI controllers at startup. You should see the connected controllers in the list.

This allows another application running on the computer to use the controller. So to add a controller, just plug it in your computer and hit refresh. Select any slider and click on the MIDI icon. Then you'll be able to play with all MIDI settings. Values : The viewer at the left lets you see values in realtime and easily choose the value you want.We reinvent the way to manage lights.

Forget DMX console and create a show like you edit pictures with our intuitive interface. No need to buy an expensive hardware, connect Photon to wifi network, it will use Art-Net or sACN, a free and open source standard protocol.

You don't find your fixture in our database? No problem you can create your custom device fixture directly in the app or ask us.

ipad midi dmx

Create and compose lights looks. Mix it int the sequencer and synchronize your show with the music. We create a new beat detection algorithm exclusively for Photon. Patch once your DMX devices adresses, then put it toogether in groups and control color, position, strobe, dimmer, UV With Photon you can control more than colors, positions Small stages, bars and nightclubs don't need thousands of buttons.

Interract quicly and easily with your lights with an intuitive design. Build sequences from the scenes, compose animations and play it. Photon is able to manually or automatically sync it with music.

Can't find a device? Ask us. Fixture problem? Report it. Give your feedback. The community improves the app everyday. Ableton Link integration learn more. The iPad must then be connected via Wifi to the router. Please note that support requests, pre-sales questions, or compatibility questions sent through this form will NOT be answered. If you have a support question, please visit our help center and open a ticket. Why Is It Special. Sync it with music Create and compose lights looks.

Awesome Features. Awesome Experience Patch once your DMX devices adresses, then put it toogether in groups and control color, position, strobe, dimmer, UV Everything you need With Photon you can control more than colors, positions Perfect Design Small stages, bars and nightclubs don't need thousands of buttons.

Compose and play Build sequences from the scenes, compose animations and play it. Online Support Can't find a device?

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