Jb4 battery reset

Automatic transmissions are fickle beasts which can be astronomically expensive if not maintained. Throw in the fact that it's a BMWand the need for regular maintenance becomes quite clear. Unfortunately, a fluid and filter change is not as easy as it used to be.

When parts are replaced in a transmission or the fluid is changed, resetting the transmission's adaptations may become necessary to restore shift quality. The ZF 6-speed automatic used in many Ebased vehicles like the i, X1, and i among others is an expensive transmission, and fluid replacement with an adaptation reset can be a great way to extend its life. Warning: If you have the capability of resetting transmission adaptations with INPA, I urge you not to do it unless you have the time and roadways to complete the relearn process exactly as described.

This procedure will cause the transmission to shift poorly at a detriment to the gearbox if the relearn is not performed immediately and properly. It is better to change the fluid and NOT reset adaptations, than to reset them and not perform the proper relearn procedure.

Simply put, INPA is a piece of software that allows deeper access into your BMW's modules for enhanced maintenance and repair capabilities.

jb4 battery reset

We won't be coding any modules or doing intensive flashing, so even a budget cable is likely to work. We don't sell these on our site, but you can get them on Amazon. As of this post's publish date, the following link is a helpful package for procuring this software, which includes details instructions on how to install it:. The e90post. Turn the vehicle's ignition on but do not start the car by pressing the start button twice. Now, execute INPA. When INPA is loaded, the battery and ignition bubbles should be filled in to indicate it has established communication with the vehicle.

After pressing F3, the software should confirm the adaptations are reset and you can begin the process of relearning. The most important part of resetting transmission adaptations is the re-learn process. Refer to the chart below to see which re-learn procedure your vehicle needs after its transmission adaptations are reset. Your vehicle's build date will be on the sticker in the driver's door jamb.

If this article was helpful, let us know below and tell us what you think. Be sure to check out our other instructional blog posts and subscribe to our mailing list. Also, visit our E9X Hub for more relevant content. Vehicle photo credit: Rudolf Stricker at Wikipedia Germany. He has over 9 years of experience working on a wide array of import makes, but has found his home with European cars. With a BMW and Volvo at home, the garage is always busy.

While Audi set the standard for AWD systems on everyday cars, other car manufacturers quickly caught up.You can also try standing directly next to the kit while attempting to connect.

If you didn't change the PIN, email into support jb4connectkit. Include a screenshot of the error and let us know your username in JB4 Mobile.

Ensure positap is making a solid connection and that the DB9 connector is secured. Verify the voltage at the positap using a multimeter. If you still have an error with another device, email into support jb4connectkit.

N54 - Tuning Resources - .BIN Files, XDF Files, Firmware, Updates

Try disconnecting then reconnecting the DB9 connector. If you're unable to find either of these you're welcome to send your kit in for diagnostics. Email into support jb4connectkit. You'll need to include a copy of your original purchase receipt for the Connect Kit.

For further assistance, email support burgertuning. Open that app. Connect the cable. Does that app show anything connected? If something does appear and you still have issues in JB4 Mobile, email into support jb4connectkit. This setting is found directly above the 'Update' button in the Firmware Update page. If it says it only supports calls and audio, odds are the unit is using a sub-par BT radio and simply will not work.

Note that the default Mail. It should be a blue icon with a white envelope.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Will disconnecting my car battery reset the on-board memory or do I have to manually erase it to remove error codes? I ask because I have a faulty electrical system that throws gas leak errors and I cannot pass a smog test without resetting the memory.

I disconnected the battery last night and drove the car after a cold start in the morning. There were multiple error codes. I don't know if these are newly generated error codes or old error codes. My question is, should I buy a diagnostic tool and manually reset the memory to pass the smog test? Some cars have also a hidden menu which can be activated using odeometer button, and you can reset the errors with that menus.

Remeber to buy a proper diagnosis tool since some just reset the engine and transmission errors obd2 elm compliant but some can interact with other computers in your car and have them reseted as well. Do a complete research and find a good one, it needs a comprehensive research over the reviews in related forums, I personally bought an interface that didn't work and many people has been alerting to not buying such a cables, but I did not search the internet to read peoples opponion about them, do not trust the reviews on ebays and amazon, just forums and oponions from old members not the new fake ones.

And remember, car computers usually does diagnosis periodically, so if you just reset the error memory without fixing the issue, expect that errors to come back again in two or three days normally, Cause the modern cars do this once in each certain period, some do the test when you disconnect and connect the battery again.

So you will not have a lot of time to pass the test.

JB4 Mobile Troubleshooting

However I strongly recommend you to fix the issue and have the error memory reseted afterward. Most of the times you need a diagnosis tools to reset the error you just fixed its issue, otherwise it will stay! The car computers usually just add the errors and not erasing them automatically when it is getting fixed, though it also depends on the severity of the error. For example : A light error i. Yes, disconnect both the pos and neg cables and touch them together for 5 seconds.

Something like turn the key on but not start, press the gas peddle for 5 seconds, turn key off, remove foot from peddle. Then time exactly 2 minutes and remove the key. Insert key, start and drive. I would suggest you Google this in case I missed something. That's what I can remember from when I did it a while back.

jb4 battery reset

Good luck. Sign up to join this community.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. New posts. N54 - Tuning Resources. Forums Engine N54 Advanced Tuning.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nov 14, North Wilkesboro. All resources found here do not belong to SpoolStreet or myself. These files are here for informative purposes and using anything found here is meant to be used at your own risk. Upon switching to map0 it will flash the turn signal indicators to alert the user.

Menu4 in dash should be set to 3 for a factory flashed car or 2 for a back end flashed car. Failure to follow these directions will result in low boost and poor performance. Going too low on menu 12 may cause low throttle boost oscillation. AzNdevil Sergeant. Nov 4, Hong Kong. Last edited: Jan 9, Nov 7, 1, Philly. I would prefer all XDF downloads come directly from the Github we have created.

This ensures everyone will always have the latest fixes and additions. Feel free to link directly to it. AzNdevil said:. V8bait Sergeant. Nov 2, Texas. MooreOfDerek said:.The new batteries need to be replaced by a dealer or qualified Euro specialist with the right tools to either register or program the car to your new battery.

Failure to do so can result in overcharging of your new battery or even electrical malfunction. The newer BMW models listed above are significantly more advanced electronically than models from the s and older. All of the advancement is ultimately pushed forward in the name of improving gas mileage. The IBS system is attached to the negative battery terminal and contains micro processors which measure and monitor voltage, current, charge and discharge as well as temperature of the battery.

The IBS system continually analyzes the charge of the battery system and intelligently charges it only when needed.

jb4 battery reset

When the battery is sufficiently charged, the motor does not need to spin the alternator thus improving efficiency of the engine and gaining more miles per gallon. As your battery ages and loses charging capacity, the car adjusts how much it needs to recharge it to operate at an optimal level. The older the battery the more charge is required.

Putting a new battery in your BMW and registering your battery tells your car that a new battery is installed. As a result, the car will not overcharge the new battery thinking the old one is still in there. Registering the battery also resets battery statistics based off your old batteries temperatures and behaviors wiping the slate clean. As a result, reprogramming will need to be done. Skipping this step WILL shorten the life of the battery as well as potentially damage your vehicles electrical system.

Your car may also throw off warning lights as indicators of these issues. Special software and plugs are required to perform this process and is best left to the hands of professionals. Luckily, the process is straight forward and a routine job for these shops. BMW is not the only manufacturer doing this. With hybrid and full electric cars becoming more popular the electronic systems are becoming so advanced the maintenance can only be done by qualified technicians with specialized tools.

How does the IBS system help improve fuel efficiency? What does registering the new BMW battery do? Who can register or program a BMW battery? Why does BMW have to do this and be a huge pain?Remember me. Hello and welcome to the Audizine Forums! As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account.

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Which JB4 Map Should You Run On Your BMW N54/N55? Come see!

My Classifieds: 0. Guest-only advertisement. Register or Log In now! Logs looked so clean after a few runs I bumped it to map 3 and the car just effing rips, had a friendly encounter with an M2 Comp and pulled away from him with ease he would have caught up to the SQ's fat ass by but means the car is easily in the low 12's as it sits.

By then the car was totally heat soaked though, you can see it's pulling timing in 4th APR seems to run more boost and less peak timing in general than stock. Intercooler will greatly help you, your IAT's are skyrocketing. Welp, did a quick run tonight, idea of just driving around power, run just hitting the gas from a stop, way more explosive than it used to be.

This is still my fastest ever run, but I had a terrible launch, wheels spun and just wouldn't hook for what felt like forever. If I had the same 1. Damn you If you pull out your Dell laptop at your local coffee shop and press the power button, you expect the screen to light up and to see a login screen. But what if nothing happens because of a dead battery?

Thankfully, you may have a cord with you. But when you plug in the cord, the battery either isn't being detected or is simply plugged in but not charging. Is there an alternative to a new battery?

What if you have a battery that isn't that old, worked perfectly fine yesterday, or is brand new? This might confuse you a bit. It did for us! We broke down and bought a new battery only to find out that the new battery didn't work, either. But the batteries worked in other laptops.

To further complicate matters, the laptop's battery light was blinking, which we learned is an error code number of flashes equaled a code number but there was no information anywhere as to what the error code meant.

Dell's technical support team also had no idea what the code meant. Dell's technical support personnel may tell you that the problem is a 'temporary battery failure' with no further explanation and that you will need to purchase a new battery for your system.

You trust that Dell support representatives know what they are talking about, so you break down and purchase a new battery. But you may purchase a new battery and find that it exhibits the same exact symptoms as the "failed" battery. How can a brand new battery not work? The temporary failure simply means that the laptop temporarily can't communicate with the battery. The problem with many Dell batteries relates to the laptop's failure to detect a microchip located inside the battery assembly.

This microchip is responsible for saying, "Hey! I'm a genuine Dell battery. It's safe to charge me now. If the sensor isn't working properly, you may find that a fully charged and functioning battery won't power on the laptop or will flash error lights.

If this is the case, you don't necessarily have to run out to buy a new battery if the sensor is just not correctly detecting the battery. The problem can happen for many reasons, which can include the battery at one time not being properly seated in the computer, a power surge, or even being removed from the computer while charging.

While the exact cause is sometimes a mystery, it can be fixed. If the laptop won't recognize the battery, it's also possible that you do not have an original battery. It may be a counterfeit or an aftermarket replacement battery. Many aftermarket batteries, which are typically of much poorer quality, aren't built too the exacting standards as required by the computer manufacturers.

According to Dell representatives, original Dell batteries have these microchips to help consumers detect counterfeit batteries.

This could be a good thing for consumers. If you buy what you think is a genuine Dell battery from a third party, you should be able to know pretty quickly if you have a counterfeit. That is, unless the counterfeiters have taken a microchip from a dead genuine battery and have inserted it into the counterfeit. To correct this issue, you might just need to reset the system's ability to detect the battery.

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