Ngai tai torere

ngai tai torere

All of the children have whakapapa links to Torere and Ngai Tai. The kura roll is small and it is an attractive and well-presented learning environment. Uri are confident, decision makers who contribute to their community. All uri at the kura have whakapapa links to Torere and Ngai Tai.

The kura proverb reflects the small size of Ngai Tai and its ability to influence people and change on a national stage.

The iwi has applied this saying to the kura to describe its size and the strengths of the uri. InERO highlighted a number of areas for development to improve outcomes for uri.

Uri show that they are proud to be Ngai Tai. They know where they are from and who they connect to.

ngai tai torere

Uri are familiar with places of significance to the iwi and the specific tikanga of Ngai Tai. They learn about other iwi and the historical relationships that include Ngai Tai.

Ngāitai (Bay Of Plenty)

Uri know about their links to Tainui and about the stories that are relevant to whakapapa. Uri confidently recite and perform their pepeha, whakapapa and waiata tawhito of Torere. Uri reflect the core values of the kura and iwi as they participate in the life of the kura and the marae. Uri know the importance of manaakitanga and the high standards required when caring for visitors. Uri are confident learners. They have invested in providing a total immersion environment for uri.

Tuakana model language for teina in both formal and informal settings. Uri experience rich learning experiences that reinforce their sense of identity and belonging. They learn to work with and care for the environment.

Uri learn traditional ways to cultivate the land, grow and store food. They understand the importance of sharing kai with the community. Uri have experienced other cultures and languages.

Uri are engaged in learning. Uri achievements in literacy, numeracy and the information communication technologies ICT is well supported. Most uri are achieving above the national standards. There are targets to accelerate the progress of uri who do not currently meet the national standards.

Kaiako have participated in extensive professional development to increase their understanding of assessments, forming overall teacher judgments and monitoring the progress of uri. Uri have access to ICT as a tool to enhance their learning. Health and safety procedures are sound.

How Māori are protecting their tamariki, whānau and whakapapa

In these documents they attested that they had taken all reasonable steps to meet their legislative obligations related to:. During the review, ERO checked the following items because they have a potentially high impact on student achievement:. ERO recommends that the board continue to seek support to address the key areas for improvement identified in this report.Papa Panui Archives. Here are the archives of the old Papa Panui with the data from - We have also added the old forums that are from before the Papa Panui.

Archived Records. Type a name in the box below one word for best results. You cannot add any information to any of these records - they are here for historical purposes only. If you find something you want to know more about post in the current Papa Panui Forum. If anyone knows the whakapa of Torerenuiarua I would be very intersted to hear from them.

I live in Hamilton and wish to explore my Tainui side. I was told by my partner's Aunty that Torere was a daughter of Hoturoa. Is this true? If anyone can shed some light on this that would be awesome. Ka kite ano. There have been numerous marriages with Ngai Tai. To name but a few. Many lines from Haraawaka are found amongst Ngai Tai. I hope this is of help. Kia Ora Te Paetahi, thanks very much for the whakapapa.

My great-grandfather Hairama Haaweti gave a lot of eveidence in the Native Land Court case which disputed ownership of the Tunapahore block around Once again, thank you for the info Regards Allister. Once again, thank you for the info Regards Allister Thats right, they were their daughters.

I was told that after Kahukuramihiata left Apanui Mutu and was killed, he was very down. Te Roroku, who was the Ngai Tai leader at the time, told him to go to Torere and he would find himself two replacement wives. Sorry, after I posted my note, I saw that things had collapsed in. To put things right, the left side of the whakapapa should read: Rongomaiteauru Uenuku Uenukuhoroki Rongomaiwehea As a young man, my uncle told me that Torere was Hoturoa's daughter and was already an adult when the waka arrived.

The waka was tied up to Te Punga o Tainui at Whangaparaoa. A couple of things happened, firstly, she got her mate and secondly, she was being sexually harassed by one of the chiefs of the waka. The result was she left the waka at Whangaparaoa and made her way overland and settled at Torere where she lived out her days. Her great great grandson, Tai, was the eponymous ancestor of Ngai Tai at Torere. I understand that some of the Torere people migrated to Hauraki and intermarried with the Ngai Tai up there.History of Te Heke o Te Rangihouhiri.

Their pa was Tawhitirahi set above the stream, Kukumoa. One day the people of Tawhitirahi received a visit from a neighbouring tribe, Ngati Ha. After a disagreement over a pet Tui that Romainohorangi owned and the Ngati Ha chief wanted for himself, a battle ensured resulting in the pa being sacked and many of the inhabitants killed. The refugees from Tawhitirahi trekked inland through the Waioeka Gorge. As Te Waho o Te Rangi grew old he feared that his slaves might be taken over by another tribe after his death so he decided to kill them all.

By mutual agreement Te Rangihouhiri and his tribe were allowed to leave in peace thus began the trek of Te Rangihouhiri. They settled there and built themselves a pa called Hakuranui.

They did not feel totally confortable living at Torere as there was always the threat of attack from the local tribes. After a small skirmish with locals, Te Rangihouhiri decided to mve on westward. They passed their old pa at Tawhitirahi, but decided against stopping there due to continued antagonism from Ngati Ha and finally arrived at Whakatane. They were merely tolerated by Ngati Awa at Whakatane making their situation insecure so it was decided to move west again and to Matata Te Awa o Te Atua.

While at Whakapaukorero, they fought Te Arawa in the battle of Herekaki which resulted in the death of Tutengaehe, the eldest son of Te Rangihouhiri. The result was the battle of Kokowai, In which Kinonui was killed and his pa destroyed. Privacy Sitemap. Search Site.

ngai tai torere

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Te Kura o Torere - 30/01/2017

Doctor Clayton received a typewritten letter. It was sent by a man who did not sign his name and requested that the doctor give poison to a sick woman who was to come to him. The second letter urged him on. The third letter was to say to the doctor that Mrs S- was better, and that he should not give her medicine to hasten her death. From this the doctor knew that Mrs Styche was the woman sent to him to be killed. He reported this to the head of police.

The woman was very fond of her husband and when he was arrested she pleaded to be taken to prison with him. Now that woman seems to be deranged because of her shock.

The Supreme Court will try this case to determine the rights and wrongs.

Ngaitai Iwi Authority

So we have heard news of the fighting being blown to us from China and of the thunder pounding all parts of the world.Papa Panui Archives. Here are the archives of the old Papa Panui with the data from - We have also added the old forums that are from before the Papa Panui.

Archived Records. Type a name in the box below one word for best results. You cannot add any information to any of these records - they are here for historical purposes only.

If you find something you want to know more about post in the current Papa Panui Forum. I want to concentrate on my Whanau a Apanui side today and invite discussion on which waka our iwi connects to. In most of the Maori books and iwi groupings you come across, Whanau a Apanui is always listed as being of the Maatatua confederation.

Rangimarie Price

I disagree and please feel free to correct me if am wrong. I have been researching whakapapa for over 13 years now; and from what I understand Whanau a Apanui is named after Apanui Ringamutu and not Apanui Waipapa. On his mother's side he was of Ngaariki descent and also could whakapapa back to Toi through Muturangi and Motataumaitawhiti. So that makes him Te Arawa and Ngaariki. Rongomaihuatahi, the mother of Apanui was descended from the senior Ngati Porou line through her grandfather Taua.

Her mother was Iranui, the sister of Kahungunu and Ranginui. If Apanui's parents were Te Arawa and Takitimu, how do people arrive at the conclusion that we are Maatatua? Whanau a Apanui intermarried with a lot of these tribes I mentioned earlier, but that is not what their original origins were. Ngi Tai in Torere is another good example. Torere nui a Rua came off the Tainui waka as did her first husband so i've been told so again, what makes them Maatatua?

When I mihi myself. I have been corrected by one or two kaumatua, but am I wrong or am I right?

ngai tai torere

I would appreciate some feedback from those in the know.I was raised by two outstanding parents in a large, close and noisy whanau in Whangarei. Trained as an accountant, my career has spanned strategic and organisational leadership and design, iwi and economic development, change management and business ownership across the private and public sector. My role as a Trustee is on behalf the Amokura Iwi Consortium, which endorses the objectives of the Trust as it aligns with their own aspirations where Te Taitokerau tamariki and rangatahi have equitable access to a future focused education that is proven to meet their learning needs.

I firmly believe that enabling all children to access an education that cultivates a love for learning that is relevant for the world that they live in is fundamental to realising their potential and creating meaningful lives. Many the children and families in our region are not able to access this type of learning environment. It is a privilege to be working with a group of outstanding people who are committed to finding the way to stand in the gap for those families so that we all get to rise on the same tide.

The waiver means online education … [Read More In helping our children to realise their potential, our region gets to realise its own.

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