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Project management is a field that requires the management of more than 49 processes. These processes require proper definition, planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling for the success of the project. Therefore, it is important to understand the individual and combined impact of processes on the quality, timeline, performance, and success of the project. The best understanding of each project process requires in detail.

The following questions about each process must be answered:. Therefore, the controllable quantitative values of the process must be identified. So, the key performance indicators of the process are figured out.

These parameters must be monitor, tracked, and controlled frequently for the success of the project process. Answer: It must be understood well before going into the details of project KPIs.

By definition, key performance indicators are the measurable values required to be monitored and controlled for the success of the project process. These keep on changing as project progress through the stages. Project managers make key performance indicator dashboards for this purpose.

Excel Project Manager Template

A dashboard is a visual representation of the project KPIs at a particular time during the project lifecycle. So, project managers monitor the project KPI dashboards for making decisions daily.

Therefore, any bug in the implementation is identified in real-time and sorted out before becoming the issue. Project key performance indicators are the most efficient way of communicating real-time information about the performance of a project process to all the project team.

Project management metrics are the parameters identified by the project team. These parameters must be assessed, monitored, and tracked consistently.

Moreover, these parameters are tracked and monitored to assess project progress, success and profitability factors. Although, there are many project management metrics. Some are very specific to the type and scale of the project.

The general metrics of the project management that fits best for every project are:. As discussed in the above section, the project management dashboard is a visual representation of the project process performance indicators. Project KPI dashboards are different at different stages of the project. Moreover, it contains a different set of information on the board for real-time monitoring as a project progresses from definition to closure.

Therefore, the customizable project management KPI dashboard templates are preferred by the project managers. So, these templates can be customized during the different stages of project management for effective KPI monitoring. A general project KPI dashboard may be set to track the performance indicators of project healthprogress, tasks, and issues.

The health section of the board includes the parameters of time elapsed, resources consumed, open issues, and potential risks. While the tasks segment includes information about the tasks. Like what tasks have been complete, what are in-progress, and what is coming next? However, project progress is monitored in terms of achieving milestones or goals. Moreover, issue management KPIs include the details of what issues have been facing up to the date, what has been sorted out, and what are pending?

Also, the issues are prioritized for rectification as per their impact score. Although, every objective or goal of a project is linked to a certain process that is gauged by monitoring the relevant KPIs. However, it is difficult to recognize the required KPIs of a project process. Check out a sample of manufacturing, raw material stock management, and production schedule KPI format.Project Portfolio Reporting It is very common for project managers to manage multiple projects.

It is important to have a mechanism to be able to report on the status of multiple projects at the same time. This excel template enables a project manager to report on up to 5 projects in one go. Download This Template. Can handle up to 5 projects and can be modified to add more projects. Has a portfolio delivery road map which provides a timeline view of the project delivery.

The portfolio status shows the status of the KPIs for all the projects. There is also a status for the entire portfolio. Provides an overall view of the portfolio and also provides the status of individual projects in the portfolio. Portfolio Financials displays the budget Planned, Actual, Forecast, and Variance for each of the projects.

This section also shows the budget at a portfolio level. After the portfolio level details are displayed there are separate sections for each project.

For each project, a detailed schedule and any risks, concerns, dependencies, changes can be documented. In the schedule for each project, the following details can be displayed - Phase, Start, End, Progress, and Status.

And it is easy to use!!! The delivery road map provides a high-level view of when projects will be delivered. Check out Road map templates for detail.

Use different colors so that the people reading the report can distinguish between projects. To make it more informative you can include an exact date for the delivery. You can change the timeline to 2 months or a quarter depending on your delivery schedule. It is easy to use as it is an excel table. All that you need to do is type in a cell and pick a color. In addition to the project KPI statues, the portfolio status can be used to display status at the portfolio level.

All the fields in this table are manual so you have to color the cells as per the status. The portfolio status will depend on the status of all the projects.

For example, if a schedule is red for more than 2 projects then the schedule for the portfolio will be red. If the Resources for one project is red and one is amber then the overall status for the portfolio can be amber.

The portfolio financials contains the budget information about all the individual projects and the totals at the portfolio level. For each project, there is planned cost, actual cost, forecast, and variance, The individual project budgets are then rolled up into the portfolio level budget. The individual project statues have the project timeline or schedule and a section to document the risks, issues, concerns or dependencies.

Having individual details for each of the projects is helpful to the team so that they are aware of the dates for the project. Risks, Issues, Dependencies, and Concerns is a general section which can be used to detail different risks or issues the project is facing.

Each of the items can be marked as on the track, delayed or concern. So, if the issue is severe then the mark is as delayed, if it anticipated to become serious then mark it as a concern and if you are confident you can resolve it then a mark is an on track.Any regular Project Status Report entails important information for its readers.

Therefore, before starting the report, questions that should come in your mind are — For whom am I writing it? What information is relevant to this report?

In case of Project Status Report, target audience would largely be senior management and parallel teams working on the same project. Milestones indicates completion of relevant works which are going to stand as it is till the end and will help shaping the whole project.

Project Status Report Template

If you are making a smart-phone, acquiring lens for the camera is a milestone- that lens will remain as it is till the end. If you are building an app- completing the GUI is a milestone.

project report template excel

If you are setting up a grocery store- finalizing vendor for vegetable supply is a milestone. Milestones should be preempted before the project starts. This gives meaning to the project and helps in efficient work- distribution. The Project Status Report must contain ongoing works milestones on which the teams are working right nowcompleted works milestones already completedand future works.

These works must be evaluated on a time-scale and the Project Status Report must give clear information on when was the work supposed to complete and when it did. Every renewed Project Report must update expected time of completion of individual milestones. The projection of information is more important than the details of it.

People higher on hierarchy want as objective information as possible. Remember, Brevity is the soul of wit here. Do not give extraneous information until asked for. If some work was not completed on time, the report need not contain the details of circumstances which avoided completion. The senior management reads s of Project Reports and they might not be interested in extraneous information. The above two simple things can make or mar a Project Status Report.

Hence, be wise to them. The presentation of report is third important thing but it depends largely on the culture of the firm you are working on. Excel, PowerPoint, Word are some common platforms. Project Status Report Template.Microsoft Excel is one of the most versatile and useful programs in the Office suite. For example, if you need to visualize data over a timeline, consider Excel Gantt chart templates, which are ready and available to be customized with your specific project information.

These free Excel templates take the stress away from having to remember whose turn it is to clean the bathrooms or wash the dishes. Similarly, templates for Excel spreadsheet can also help you with short and long-term budgeting. These spreadsheets come with a wide array of built-in formulas that auto-complete after you fill out the first few rows. Any list or chart you can conceive of, an Excel template is there for you. Explore premium templates. Bring your ideas to life with more customizable templates and new creative options when you subscribe to Office Allowance tracker.

Milestone infographic timeline. Loan amortization schedule. Student assignment planner.

Project Status Report Template Excel

Grocery list with category totals. Student calendar Mon. Activity costs tracker. Blue balance sheet. Credit card tracker. Blue mileage and expense report. Blue sales receipt. Blue timesheet. Household monthly budget. Blue invoice. Gas mileage tracker. Weekly Assignment Schedule.

Get Project Status Report Template Excel

House cleaning checklist. My college budget.

project report template excel

Get expert help now.These smartly build templates are created in order to compete the challenges in instant reporting of short comings and problems which may take much time to be communicated properly and addressed on the right time.

If taking the case to large construction projects, marketing and sales projects and such huge work jobs, it is of extreme degree complication to meet every important requirement each day. Therefore at such times, project managers need such tools which can help them keeping the entire glance sheet at sight. Also get project plan template.

Get Project Report Template for Excel

This efficient job can be done using smart tools. Only those can excel and survive in this era that hold efficient mindset to perform a job with excellence and creating outstanding distinction while planning and implementing a consistent form of check and balance so that problems can be addressed timely. Before we go with the format of these templates, we must distinguish between project status and project reporting terms.

Project status is the overall conduction and positioning of project after implementing a policy or completing a task which is decided and deployed over the work, whereas project reporting is the transmission of working state and under consideration factors for completing a job. For consulting the above mentioned format apostolate, Google the format of excel project reporting templates and fix out the adjustments in your customized spreadsheet.

Usually project reporting is based on the interval based provision of task completion including both percentage completion and proportional values which represents the mile stone achievement over the period of time. This task becomes much easier with the use of proper techniques to distinguish between completed portions and left over portions, adding on with additional worthy information of resource utilization and efficiency during the working tenure.

Functionality form of this reporting is based on the devised format of information passage through different stages and designations of organization conducting the project. This format is dependent on the nature of project and field plan to communication the progress and plans. More the instant communicative plan will be designed, more functional and effective will be the reporting in order to maintain a successful work flow. Instead of spending huge time on creating the entirely purposeful spreadsheet, it is considered as a smart play to download pre-available customizable templates which project managers can easily download and optimize their appearance as per their requirements.

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Create more with Microsoft templates Search. Popular categories Resumes and Cover Letters. See all categories. Special events and milestones All Holidays. Featured app collections. Explore premium templates.Project Status Report Template Excel. Project Status Reports MS Excel is a tool of choice when it comes to project status reporting for a number of reasons. Status reports often require conditional formatting, budget calculations and numbers to be auto calculated.

MS Excel provides an easy and convenient way of making reports readable. Excel allows using formulas and macros which can be used populate data in columns.

It allows graphs and chart which can be used to create project schedules and Gantt charts. Status reports tend to have layouts which are blocked or categorized based on the project KPIs that need to be reported. One of the most widely used techniques in status reporting is RAG Red Amber Green to indicate how the project is progressing. Please read RAG reporting to find out how you can use it in your project.

Download Project Management Templates. One Page Project Manager. Master Excel Project Tracker. Excel Capacity Planner. Multiple Project Tracker Excel. Excel Dashboards. Weekly Status Report Template Excel.

project report template excel

Excel Portfolio Status Report.

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