Remarried empress ch 14

Discussion in ' Spoilers ' started by theilikepieJun 9, Log in. Novel Updates Forum. Even the latest chapter hasn't touch that event. The first chapter is like 'what will happen in the future', but there are many things happening before that could happen. First, the empress came from a family that has produced empresses for generations.

So the empress, even if she wants to divorce the emperor, can't do that for fear that her family will be executed or the family's good name will be tarnished. She really loves her family and be loved in return by her family. And she actually was on good terms with the emperor, it's just that she is too work-minded, while the emperor wants a loving wife. Although the moment the concubine enters the scene, their good relationship went down the drain.

Second, I agree that the emperor is blinded by love and is a hypocrite. Like the power behind the emperor's concubine I think her name is Rasta?

Third, Rasta is jealous of the empress and everything she has the position of the empress and the official wife, her loving family, her riches, etc while the empress is envious of Rasta for having the emperor's love, her cute and lovable demeanor, But the emperor doesn't know about this.

At the same time, the prince of the neighborhood nation and the minister I think? They became friends with the empress although because they know that the empress is married they maintain a respectable distance and were seen together a couple of times.

The one who enslaved Rasta is a duke, and he wants power. And Rasta, who is afraid of him because he is the tangible proof of her past as a slave, and other things Rasta's past as a slavr hasn't really been described, just a hint here and there does as he bids.

Meanwhile, the empress really just wants to be a good empress. She does her job well, even with Rasta rubbing her baby and her relationship with the emperor on her face.

Remarried Empress - Chapter 14

She maintains a professional distance with the other guys, and she tries to maintain a good relationship with the emperor. Although it seems that she is fed up with the emperor these days, especially when he wants her to celebrate his and Rasta's baby. So any more of dem spoilers? Does she actually get married again? Does that emperor realize that he's basically a cuck?

And I kind of feel sorry for the salve girl what happens to her? Xi-himeLeilacussyofiaa and 42 others like this. MangafreaksparkJun 10, And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed a slave girl beside him.Discussion in ' Spoilers ' started by theilikepieJun 9, Log in. Novel Updates Forum. A few weeks back when I read some spoilers why he favours trashta over Navier, I thought Sovieshu was very capable emperor, like a whale in the ocean.

And now when I read spoilers, I feel like he is more of a carp in a pond, while Navier is the real whale in the ocean. Yes, he was blind about trashta and schemed by her and the duke, but how can he think of Navier as if she is just as helpless? AkesatoAug 26, I'm following on ch 40 something in wordxcept and I'm so grateful for all these spoiler. I am going to put on hold this novel and just read the spoilers, the emperor and Rashta is too annoying to read.

How come their action hadn't invite an uprising? I'm sure the nobles, or at least some of them, could put two and two together at what is happening from the start. Despite it not being their place to interfere in the personal lives of their imperial, this has already breached to affecting court matters, I'm sure? UncopyrightDarcy and rock. CerealisaAug 28, Ariawolfgar and stumblmer like this.

Quick summary of Navier is in a hidden box compartment, and she falls asleep in it and Heinley thinks she's cute. He smiles a bit and Ergi says Heinley's smile is gross.

They eventually part ways, and switch to carriages. Heinley and her have to take seperate ones, but Heinley goes bird form and flies overhead lol.

Later they switch to horses, and Navier loves riding, so she goes real fast and makes Heinley nervous. Chap end. Last edited: Aug 30, UncopyrightAquaastumblmer and 1 other person like this.

Honeydew SummerSep 5, ChenqingUncopyrightJuuHachi and 2 others like this. YahyahUncopyrightSsavilin and 2 others like this. Did you guys skip 87 and 88?

remarried empress ch 14

Was it deleted? AkesatoSep 6, EaseNeyvadstevenjoan and 4 others like this. Last edited: Sep 6, Honestly I think Sovieshu deserves what he got in the end.

remarried empress ch 14

Because he was acting so bad towards Navier after he brought Rashta, the fact that he lost her and realised too late he loves her seems fitting way for him to suffer. As for the child, I honestly think he is sterile but even if it's his daughter I don't really care. Right now I am more curious as to how Navier is gonna handle Christa and the court.Tip : Click on the Remarried Empress Chapter 14 image to go to the next or previous page.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter May 22, Chapter Above All Gods chapter Tales of Demons and Gods chapter McKenna was either the bird or not. Was it a coincidence that he and the bird were injured at the same time? I ended up breaking several pen nibs while mulling over this question. I was concerned that I might have done something unbecoming in front of him, but I soon shook the thought.

I never patted his rear, or hugged or kissed him, or changed my clothes in front of him. It was only with Queen that Iā€”. I hurriedly walked out of the room. The thought that Queen was a member of the Bird Head clan was like thorns in my body.

The servant was holding some kind of wheeled, elongated stand, and a cloth concealed the top of it. My ladies-in-waiting surrounded it with wide eyes. The servant left, and the ladies-in-waiting moved the cage into the parlor room. The bird seemed quite gentle in personality, and it stared at me intelligently as tears pricked my eyes. Finally, I called for Countess Eliza to return the cage. Rashta was nervous. Several days had passed since Sovieshu had promised to make her empress.

She thought he would have notified the empress of divorce by now, but he had yet to act. Rashta hugged her large doll and paced nervously around the room. This morning, her anxiety grew even higher when Sovieshu prepared a beautiful blue bird to give to Empress Navier. A blue bird. An elegant blue bird fit to be raised by a noble.

As soon as Rashta wanted a bird of her own, Sovieshu had chosen to gift one to the Empress instead. She was set to explode into a fit of anger. However, Rashta paused and heard the sound of something being dragged outside her door. She set down her doll and peeked outside. A man was passing down the hall, pulling a cage on a wheeled stand. But if the bird is left out here, it might catch a cold. At the same time, Koshar was travelling down a long road.

He was filled with unease. He did not have to worry about eating or lodging either, as he had plenty of money and jewelry from Marquis Farang and Empress Navier.

remarried empress ch 14

The thoughts that occupied his mind were far different. How could he get revenge on Sovieshu and Rashta?I returned to my palace after finishing my work, then slipped into comfortable clothes more quickly than usual.

I felt my head throbbing, possibly because of the constant feeling of something bothering me. Counsel would probably ease my mind. She already thought about me all the time. I can tell her later.

Mother must have heard about Rashta anyway. Talking about Laura made me miss her bright energy. The Countess left the room for a moment, and I unpinned the jewels from my hair and placed them on the dresser.

However, the presence stood silent behind my back. That was not what the Countess would do. As I was dipping my pen into the inkwell, I frowned and turned around. To my surprise, it was Sovieshu standing behind me. How long had it been since my husband came to the western palace? Rather than being happy at his presence, I looked on anxiously.

It was sure to be another difficult conversation with him. Of course it was going to be another uncomfortable encounter. I had a terrible feeling, and wondered if it had anything to do with Sovieshu in my room. A mere small woman. But her name and presence stuck stubbornly to my feet wherever I went.

Yet it does not stop me from hearing about her. You are cruel to someone who has lived their life pitifully. Do you not feel sorry for her?

As soon as I said that single word, my legs became weak.

Remarried Empress - chapter 145

I hold on to the dressing table to prevent my legs from folding underneath myself, and that was when Countess Eliza came in the room and rushed towards me. She carefully hugged me and comforted me in her arms. She was not prepared when a moment later, three servants entered the room to deliver a large swing chair.

He mood grew even brighter. He said you can sit here without going to the palace.


Unlike the nest chair in the western palace, the fixture and decorations of this chair were all made of jewels, gold, and silver. The cushions and feather-stuffed cushions were made of the finest material and heavenly soft. Rashta burst into tears of joy and exchanged happy looks with her maids. Chapter 14 ā€” Where Is Queen? Ah, is Lady Laura alright? She wants to return to the palace as soon as possible. Instead, I sat at my desk and opened my notebook.

remarried empress ch 14

Must you act so cynical? Prev Chapter Next Chapter. Report chapter Comments. Tip: You can use left, right, A and D keyboard keys to browse between chapters.I really, really enjoyed this article, Steve.

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