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From custom flooring and dome replacement kits, to rain diverters we offer a wide range of accessories for your new or existing Yurt. Need some inspirational layout ideas for 'living in the round'? Look no further than our Yurt Floor Plans page. See All Yurt Floor Plans. Learn more about canvas cottages, wall tents, and Yurts with our Outdoor Blog.

It's the most fun and useful information about living the lifestyle of adventure! Go To The Blog. An easy add-on to your Yurt order, this prefabricated deck will keep your yurt warm during winters and cooler in the summer heat.

The Centennial is your ideal canvas tent kit for camping or glamping any time of the year. Each kit includes a tent stove jack for your heat source, a screen window with zip-up flap on the back wall for added ventilation, all steel frame tubes and fittings, and a bag for easy storage and transportation. Army Duck has the remarkable quality of being highly water repellent while at the same time being very breathable.

Normal moisture built up within the tent will pass freely through the fibers creating a very comfortable living environment, making it cooler in the summer and more comfortable in the winter.

The roof becomes very taut, preventing water from pooling at the eaves. It is a natural canvas color and finishes at about 12 ounces per square yard. Tents made of Army Duck have been on expeditions around the world.

They have always performed perfectly. If your adventures require the absolute best and most durable tent available, then Army Duck should be your choice.

Peaks and corners are reinforced with a high strength ounce industrial vinyl patch A that will allow penetration for easily joining up with porch or cook shack frames and remains sealed if not in use. The eaves are reinforced with ropes, parallel double-stitched, and are a full 3 inches wide Bwhich provides longer life for the wall panels. Both ends of the tent have a double layer of fabric C to provide reinforcement and prevent abrasion if you use an internal frame.

All main seams are double lap felled D. These are stronger and much more water repellent than the typical flat stitched seam.People who hunt or camp out of tents are a rugged and durable breed. They need canvas tents that are just as hard-wearing as them.

Outfitter Warehouse proudly offers a variety of canvas wall tents. Made with quality materials and unsurpassed workmanship, our tents are your best choice.

Purchasing a fly an added layer of protection with your tent brings essential benefits and is highly recommended. Exposed to moisture, a canvas wall tent sometimes wicks or leaks when touched. A fly provides the protection to keep this from happening. Additionally, it protects against sparks from your stove or fire as well as the deteriorating effects of UV rays. A fly also shields your tent from pitch and sap. A tent without ventilation can be miserable during hot summer months.

Outfitter Warehouse recommends purchasing a canvas wall tent with a back door or window, which provides cooling cross ventilation. Having difficulty deciding between two different sizes of tent? We recommend going with the larger of the two. People are often disappointed when their tent purchase turns out to be too small for their needs. Going with that next size up provides added room for luggage, storage, or the luxury of a sleeping cot. Adding options to a tent is much easier during the initial purchase.

Spend some time considering the features that you want, and make your order accordingly. Adding options later can be much more difficult after you have received your tent. Talk to others. Find out what they value about their tents. Use what you learn to purchase the perfect tent for you.

Your tent door will either zip or tie closed.We have been trusted by our customers for over 40 years to produce the highest quality generational products. We are located between the towering mountains of Glacier National Park and the rolling meadows of Yellowstone National Park in the great state of Montana.

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Quick Tent Follow-Up: 16x20 Davis Tent

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We have protocols in place that will eliminate any direct customer interactions. You can reach us at or email us at info bigskycanvas. Online ordering is readily available via our website bigskycanvas. These orders will be placed into production schedule as received with delivery dates communicated as they are finalized.

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wall tent

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have. Helena St. Lucia St. Martin St. Shipping Methods.When a ground cloth is used in conjunction with a sod cloth the two overlap and forms a tight seal to keep out wind, weather, and bugs. If you buy a setup kit with your tent it does not include the sod cloth! The sod cloth must be sewn on when the tent is made. Be sure to order the sod cloth when you order your tent.

It can not be added later. We can even put on in our large A Frame tent. An insert allows you to safely use a stove and vent it through your tent wall or roof with little to no risk of scorching your tent. A flap of canvas rolls down and ties over the hole when a stove is not in use to prevent leakage. So if you want to warm things up a little while your out on those cold weather campaigns just order a stove pipe insert with your Blockade Runner Tent.

If your not sure where to put it just give us a call or send an e mail and we'll be glad to help. Just click on the Buy Now button below and then pick your tent.

Use the comments section of the order form to tell us where you would like your insert placed on your tent. Add a stove insert to my tent. All inserts are for 4 inch stove pipe. Long, 10 Ft. Wide, 4 Ft. Walls, 7 Ft. The fly is held in position using a "free standing" 8 pole with ridge set up. Flys are listed on page This wall tent is large enough for an entire family or for several grown men to occupy comfortably for days. It's great for your Company H. This design works great for Rev.

War, Mountain man, or Civil War. SCA would consider this a Roman style tent. If you compare our tents to other manufacturers you will notice that the peak and the side walls of the Blockade Runner tents are several inches taller. Although a few inches may not sound like a lot, it makes a big difference in the amount of useable space. You know, the area before you have to stoop over to get around!

Here are the spec's. It's 10 ft wide at the bottom. The tent is 12 ft. This tent comes with front and rear door openings unless you request otherwise.

The doors overlap 6 inches inside and out and has a total of 8 ties per door to stop the wind from whistling through! All of our tents are made from The side walls have grommets and loops at the top so it can be set up with or without side wall poles.

We triple reenforced the peaks where you need it most! BY 12 FT. Stakes, ropes, poles, and a ridge pole sleeve so that the 12' ridge pole breaks down into two, 6' poles for easy transporting. The set up is a In pursuance of a recent order of Bragg all tents and extra baggage are sent to the rear, only three flies being reserved to every hundred men.For a level of toughness meant to withstand the test of weather and time, our 10 oz.

With a finished weight of nearly 15 oz. Long stays and harsh weather? Our Premium tent, the older brother of the Traditional, has your back. After undergoing our proprietary coating process, the fabric finishes at a hefty 18 oz.

If weight is as much a concern as durability, we offer a lighter option that brings you the best of both worlds. We call it our Montana Blend. In this construction, the roof is 10 oz. Save big on setup time with one of our Montana Canvas aluminum frames, which can be used in combination with a tent you already own or with any one of our Montana Canvas wall tents. The patented adjustable frame joints and snap buttons hold the frame in place,making for easy setup.

Featuring a 1. Our tent floors, constructed using 10 oz. Wall tents provided shelter from the most severe elements for our early pioneers, trappers, miners, and hunters.

The legacy of the wall tent continues today. Our new and innovative designs insure our customers of the highest standards of construction, materials and comfort. Our wall tents have passed the test of time, with families handing down tents from one generation to another, along with precious memories. Not finding what you are looking for? Simply pick your base size tent and choose from a great selection of add-on features to build a tent made for your next adventure.

Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Wall Tents. Choose from three standard wall tent options. Traditional For a level of toughness meant to withstand the test of weather and time, our 10 oz.

Premium Long stays and harsh weather? Montana Blend If weight is as much a concern as durability, we offer a lighter option that brings you the best of both worlds.

Shop wall tents. A History as old as the country itself. It can be fully closed from the inside of the tent. Full-length ridge pole reinforcement with additional reinforcement at the gable ends.

Eaves constructed of a double layer of canvas, double stitched. End wall seams using six layers of double lock-stitched canvas.The overall lowest price on the internet. Available on our best canvas camping tent models and sizes. Limited quantities. We have 16 videos on different tents, stoves and accessories. I suggest you take the time to view videos on the products you are interested in. These videos were made to show our high quality products and for the customer to be more knowledgeable on specific products before purchasing.

I understand how difficult it is for you to purchase a canvas wall tent without touching and seeing it in person. Hopefully, these videos will help you. For the moneythe Wilderness is our best canvas hunting tent for sale on line and also our best canvas winter tent online. Very tough and reinforced at all stress points. Companies always talk about how strong their canvas is.

Centennial Canvas Wall Tent

Our canvas camping tent strength is second to none. Click to view my canvas strength video where I tie a rope loop to the eave D ring and then I stand on it. I put lbs of pressure on the canvas. Guide provides info on 30 topics which assists you in determining correct model, size and recommended accessories.

We can answer your questions, provide guidance and recommendations. Wilderness canvas wall tents are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material. Most other companies only have a 1 year guarantee. On some used canvas tents for sale there are no labels detailing what treatments have been applied to the canvas. These small canvas tents have all the same options as our largest.We can provide recommendations and then you can decide what is the best wall tent for you.

Videos are very detailed and will help show you the quality of our products. It provides much information on 30 different topics that will assist you in selecting the correct canvas wall tent model, size to purchase and recommended accessories. I live in a canvas tent six to seven weeks a year while hunting elk, deer, and bear in the Idaho Wilderness. All hunting tents and stoves have been thoroughly tested.

The wilderness is also the best canvas winter tent online. All products are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material. Most other companies have only a 1 year guarantee. Rich Tuck, the owner of walltentshop. We have inspected the canvas tent and already cut the frame and seasoned the stove.

wall tent

The tent is made with beautiful craftsmanship. I will take pictures and send you a review and try to spread the word about Wall Tent Shop every chance we get to show it off. It is rugged enough for a Rocky Mountain elk camp and beautiful enough for honeymoon glamping.

Rich, thank you for your service. It is great to deal with another vet.

wall tent

There is no comparison in price and quality in any canvas tent I have ever seen compared to your Wilderness tent. You definitely have the best wall tents available. I have a couple outfitter friends and both recommended your outdoor canvas tents for the quality and the additional free features that other companies do not normally include.

When outfitters recommend your products, that is good enough for me. I want to order a 16x I love my canvas tent with stove. Wall Tent Shop has more information on canvas tents with stoves than all the other websites combined.

Rich, you and your staff try to help the customer rather than just concentrating on selling your products. I have been hunting since I was 10 years old. I am now This is by far the best wall tent I have ever owned.

Top quality canvas, reinforced extra layer of canvas at the ridge and eaves. Workmanship and pride in quality of tent is very obvious. Thank you again. FEDEX misplaced my package. Instead of waiting for FEDEX to find my lost box you guys sent out another canvas hunting tent immediately to insure I received it before I left for hunting camp.

I really appreciate your customer service. I have never been taken care of better. Would like to provide feedback to Wall Tent Shop on my satisfaction on my 12 x 14 canvas wall tent that I have been using over the last 2 seasons. It has been a game changer and I am loving every minute of it. Sometimes I wished I had gone with a smaller 10 x 12 as I set it up by myself. Mainly because of the weight but it is nice to have the spare bit of room.

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