Winium automation tool

Automation plays a significant role to achieve product quality success and deliver it on time. You need to follow this specific path: initially invent a solution to test problems, discover a long-term and cost-effective solution, and make a comprehensive coverage against requirements. But with the Winium tool, there no need to use a screenshot of the objects; you can use as Selenium based locators like name, id and class. Winium helps you to automate faster and deliver on time.

Winium is introduced to testing of Windows apps and it is a Selenium-based tool. These tools used for desktop application windows automation for testing have their pros and cons. Following are the details of a POC with Winium:. Automation initiatives enable enterprises to create a wave of digital transformation.

With Winium, automation is simplified for Windows Desktop Application. Winium is undoubtedly, the most handy tool for automating windows application as it is Selenium based. People who are much familiar with Selenium based commands find it quite easy to work with Winium.

It is also, pretty fast compared to other tools. Open source applications enable you to modify the framework in any way that you want.

There are unlimited possibilities to enhance the script with Winium. If you want to learn more about our testing and QA services, contact us here. I would need your help. I am currently automating our desktop application using winium. I am using UISPy tool to capture the objects of my desktop application.

I came across a situation where there is a properties panel which has different attributes based on tree item.

I am able to access the properties panel window when I try for the first time,The ray rllib github UISpy doesnt get automatically refreshed when I select a different tree element.

On refreshing the windowsI am able to view the current attributes of the selected tree element. But I dont find a way to refresh the windows element from my python code.

Could you please help? Jan 8, Introduction Automation plays a significant role to achieve product quality success and deliver it on time. NET Framework 4. Its near KB size. Driver process by using following code. This code should call prior to create driver session. Jun 20, at am.

winium automation tool

Leveraging Gradle for Accelerating Product Development. Test Case Creation in Katalon Studio.There are multiple tools available in market for automation of desktop applications.

One of the open source tool that is successfully running in market is Winium. It is proper selenium based automation framework for window desktop application.

Winium is compatible with many programming languages for example java, objective — C, JavaScript with Node. Winium supports:. Another reason in support of Winium is that it is similar to Selenium and is open source tool. As we are familiar that Selenium holds the highest market share as compared to other automation tools available, thus using Winium is much simpler for automation testers who are already using Selenium.

There are many automation tools available in market for website automation or for mobile apps automation tool i. Though there are other types of application available as well like desktop apps. To cover automation of these types of apps we require Winium. To perform the desktop application automation with Winium we need some basic tools which are mentioned as follow:. These libraries are must to start with automation of window based applications through Winium. Winium works in much similar way as compared to Selenium.

There are few additional changes required at testers end to configure and setup Winium.

Winium: A Selenium Based Windows Automation Tool

The main difference between Selenium and Winium is that selenium automatically creates its session on localhost with unique port but in Winium we have to create session manually through its exe file. Another difference in Selenium and Winium usage is that for desktop application automation through Winium, we have to run local server which support script i.

Winium server, whereas this is not required while automating web applications through Selenium. Once the session is created for Winium it means now automation is possible but without creating session manually cannot start automation. As shown in below figure session is created.

The first step is completed i. Now session is created on port And all the automation will work on this behalf.

9 Desktop Test Automation Tools That Won’t Cost a Penny

If by any chance this session is destroyed or ends automation will stop and we have to start the session again to continue with the automation. To automate windows application we use WiniumDriver. Also, there are other classes and interface available which we can use in automation like WiniumOptions ; which is an interface in Winium library.

The working of Winium is similar to Selenium and scripting is done in much similar way. The role of Selenium is very important to perform automation through Winium. Without selenium Winium will not be able to work, as suggested by its name.

In automation of window application we need to use some classes and libraries of selenium. For example there is a class of Selenium i. Winium uses most of the methods used by Selenium, thus any tester familiar with Selenium can easily pick on this tool as well. All these languages can be used to through Selenium Webdriver API and the language specific client libraries in Winium.

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Agile methodology plays a crucial role in software development as it helps in promoting continuous iteration of development and testing throughout theLater on, different developers came and further implemented the WebDriver to achieve different purposes in testing for different applications and platforms.

Today we are going to discuss the end to end way to perform desktop application testing by using Selenium and Winium tool. Winium is an opensource tool that uses Selenium to automate Windows application. It supports both Windows desktop and Windows mobile applications. It is a GUI library inside Microsoft. Net Framework. You need to fulfill the following pre-requisites before using Winium for the automation of windows desktop applications.

Click here to download the jar file from the Maven repository site. Click on Winium. Desktop link to download the exe file. Click here to navigate to the download page. Click here to navigate to the GUI inspector repository. DesktopOptions is nothing but the capability definition. Follow the given step by step procedure to perform the test automation of Desktop application with Winium. Go to the location where Winium.

Start the server with a double click. Otherwise, you can declare the dependency directly in pom. Open UISpy and start inspecting desktop elements. On its launch, it displays elements of all the opened applications. See image below:. The following program launches the application and gets the Name of the attribute and further clicks on New project.

This was all about the test automation of desktop applications using Winium.

winium automation tool

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MalformedURLException; import java. URL; import org. By; import org. WebDriver; import org. DesktopOptions; import org. WiniumDriver; import com. MalformedURLException. URL. WebDriver .Introduction to Winium. How to setup Winium on your Machine?

Essentially, this is an implementation of WebDriver for Windows-based desktop Application. Before Winium there was no tool which could perform testing of desktop application reliably in different programming languages. Though we have tools in the market which can perform similar things in a different manner. For instance:. It automates Web applications and gives user flexibility to automate test cases in multiple languages. To sum it up: set Autologon up, keep the desktop active and run the build server agent as a process.

It is a selenium-based open source tool. What is Winium- Desktop Automation tool? Winium is a selenium-based tool for testing Windows desktop based applications. Why Winium? For instance: Cruciatus: It performs desktop automation of Windows application specifically in C language. Features of Winium automation framework of windows application It is a Selenium-compatible wrapper for Cruciatus, which is used to identify UI elements. It uses keyword and mouse events of the machine on which tool is running.

While execution is in progress, we should not use mouse or keyword else the operations like click, select, etc. To use Auto IT, we have to use some windows bridge to access the methods in it.

We can also write tests in any programming language that is supported by selenium. It supports the wide magnitude of applications compared to AutoIT. Hence, CSS and resolution change may lead to test cases failure. Constraints of Winium- Desktop Automation Tool There are a few limitations which need to be taken care of while executing automation tests.

The desktop should always be active while the scripts run and hence user should cancel both display power-off and hibernation mode. For Windows 7 and above, Auto login utility could also be used to maintain active desktop. The window for Application under test should always be open. The remote desktop connection could also be done but a reboot would be required in this case.

Desktop PS: Also read about: winium.Winium is a Selenium based tool for testing and automating desktop applications on the Windows desktop. It is easy to use for those who are familiar with Selenium. We all know about Selenium, which is used to automate Web applications. It is the tool that is built on Selenium to interact with Windows applications. It is free and open source. Just as we use Firebug and Firepath to identify the element locators for Web applications in Selenium, we are going to use tools such as inspect.

Just as there are some prerequisites for Web app automation using Selenium, there are some prerequisites for working with Winium. We need the following:. I have written it in Java, as shown below:. I have created the object of DesktopOptions, which will help us to point the application we are automating I have used the calculator application for explaining this.

Winium – Desktop Automation Tool

By initiating the Winium driver using the Winiumdriver class, we are passing the Winium server URL and the path of our desktop application on which automation is intended to be carried out.

The server URL is obtained by clicking on the Winium. The process of initialising the Winium driver is similar to that of the Selenium driver, as we see with reference to Selenium.

Now we are all set to write some code to interact with the desktop application. I have used it to open the calculator and to perform the task of adding seven and eight, and to capture the result.

We can identify the element using the name, ID and xpath, just as we do using Firepath in Selenium. Please refer the complete working code mentioned below:. Use Winium once you are familiar with Selenium and are in search of a tool to automate the Windows desktop application. Winium fits the bill as you are already aware of most of the functionality in Selenium.


There are a few bugs in Winium right now and it is still undergoing a maturing process, just like Selenium once did. It is more helpful for me especially and please let me inform if any other articles or information regarding winium tool. They are really informative and helpful. Its good tool to use but there is further development going on to make it better. Being a freeware and opensource is a big win.

But how do you deploy and remote execute it for desktop testing? Without a means to remote execute from our build server TFS it is sort of worthless.

If you are asking about CI and central repo. It is possible. Winium is more flexible and easy compared to coded UI in terms of coding,reporting and in speed of test execution. There is no record option available in winium like we have in coded UI ,so its purely for folks who likes coding. How did ur program run… I think u have not even tested this program. Because the declaration says driver and the implementation uses diver.

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Desktop automation using Selenium

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And now you have Selenium-based tools for testing of Windows apps too. What are some of the benefits? As said by Appium:. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Automation framework for Windows platforms.

C Java PowerShell. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 69b7aac Dec 8, It is free. It is opensource. It is Selenium-based. Why Winium? You can use any testing framework.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Initial push. Mar 19, Winium WebDriver version 0. Sep 19, Fix java webdriver project pom file. Nov 12, Build scripts fot java implementation.Automation has become the need of the hour. Organizations are weighing in on the efficiency of the improved operation of automation tools.

Therefore, when it comes to testing and automating desktop applications on Windows, Winium is the ideal option. Winium—built on Selenium—is an open-source automation framework used for interacting with Windows applications. The following illustration shows the language level bindings.

These bindings are simply implementation in various languages that are used for automation. Winium gives the users a choice to write the code in any language of preference, such as CJava, or Python.

This driver allows the user to use low-level details of the windows application and prompts it to perform functions such as clicking buttons, going to different windows, and gathering data from different windows.

Winium lacks record and playback feature, therefore, an engineer needs to install an additional tool to automate the Windows application. An automation engineer needs to provide the properties of an element on which they want to perform the necessary actions.

Once the properties of an element are visible, the engineer will have to decide on which property will they identify the Windows element. They use multiple rapid DNA instruments to analyze biological samples. Therefore, it requires instantaneous bug fixes through remote access and standardized settings across all the instruments. These instruments are physically placed across various police stations, laboratories, and disaster sites. Testing these instruments was a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Post this, we started working on a critical task where we had to set up the environment that will help finalize the testing of this firmware combination. We performed extensive and exhaustive research that helped conclude that the best probability of achieving these goals is only through Winium. This remote connection allowed automated execution of test scripts from our local machines. Each rapid DNA instrument has its own unique setting, which can complicate the end-to-end testing of the instruments.

However, using the test suite created by Winium, we could centrally store settings for every equipment in the global properties file, hence, we could run customized end-to-end testing. Overall, Winium made the entire process of remote testing and instrument standardization efficient. However, deciding the right tool for the desktop app might be a difficult task as every tool comes with its own unique style of automation. For example, AutoIT is based on unique coding language which requires extensive learning.

For Sikuli, it is necessary to maintain various screenshots in order to write the automation script, which is tedious.

winium automation tool

If you are familiar with Selenium or any other programming language, Winium is the best tool for Windows automation.

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